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How to Disable and Enable Cookies

If you want to enable and disable the cookies, then perform the following actions.

In the Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Click Custom Level.

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Go to the Cookies section.

To enable: Set “Allow cookie that is stored on your computer” to “Enable” Set “Allow per-session cookies” to “Enable.”
To disable: Set “Allow cookie that is stored on your computer” to “Disable” Set “Allow per-session cookies” to “Disable.”
How to speed up the loading of HTML pages with images If you want to increase the image’s loading time, then just add the height and width tags in the image tag. e.g., This can increase the image’s web pages loading time significantly.

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How do you find out the location of the website?

If you want to know where the website is physically located, what’s the associated IP address of the website, and what’s the website’s registration information, use the following URL. and put your web address in it.

It will display all the required information regarding the website.

Tips to Avoid Internet Fraud

Some known internet scams are jobs scams, charity scams, Nigerian money offers, work-at-home scams, scholarship scams, bogus credit card offers, phishing, get rich scams, fake check scams, and investment scams, etc. The best way to avoid all these scams is to block all related email addresses and not open any email attachments from unknown sources.

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Internet Security Tips

According to Antivirus Solutions Company Symantec, every computer connected to the internet can be infected in only 20 minutes if no proper security measures have been deployed on that computer. The best tips for being secure on the internet use an up-to-date antivirus program, anti-spyware program, and firewall software. Using an updated antivirus program and regularly scanning your computer with them makes you secure while you get connected to the internet.

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