Tips for maintaining kids screen safe online this summer time

Summer is here, and in case you are a parent or dad or mum, which means that your kids can be enjoying an extended summer at home, probably using technology which includes telephones, tablets, and laptops.

Internet Matters, a new not for profit e-safety group, has released its #screensafe campaign to encourage parents to recognize what their kids are doing on line. Check out the video underneath to find out more.

Free sunscreen and pointers

Internet Matters may be at numerous circle of relatives festivals during the summer time, meting out unfastened sunscreen together with on line safety tips.

Car-Fest North, July 28-30 at Bolesworth, Cheshire

Car-Fest South, August 25-27, Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire

Download the Internet Matters app

Internet Matters has created an e-safety app to help dad and mom and kids speak about online protection issues. It’s loose, a laugh and educational way to discuss critical problems, designed to be used on a tablet and aimed toward youngsters aged 8-10.

The app includes 9 categories, based totally around the e-protection troubles facing kids today: chatting, cyber bullying, privateness & robbery, downloading, making buddies, adult content material, gaming, sharing and competitions and ads.

Pick a class and answer questions, the app uses a cut up screen, so an adult and child can answer concurrently. You can take the questions as many time as you want to get an excessive score and each few questions there’s a mini-recreation to play.

5 guidelines to keep your children secure online

1. Take a hobby: Find out what websites they go to, what social networks they use and what games they play, so that you can understand what they’re doing online. If they mention an app or website you’ve not heard of, do some studies and find out approximately it.

2. Set limits: Set a time restriction for how long they can use gadgets for the duration of the day. Encourage them to apply their cell phone or desk in the front of you, rather than on my own of their bedroom, so that you can maintain an eye fixed on them.

Three. Talk to your child approximately Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is a contemporary problem confronted by youngsters developing up today. Understand what it’s miles and the signs to look out for. Discuss cyberbullying with your toddler – especially if they’re older, so they understand what it is and that they are able to always communicate to you about it. Find out more.

Four. Check privacy settings: If your toddler uses a social media, like Facebook and Instagram, ensure their privacy settings are at the most powerful stage. This means they have got much less risk of being contacted by strangers. Show them the way to block customers and inspire them no longer to percentage personal details. Find out greater.

5. Use Parental Controls: With BT’s Parental Controls you can pick out among Light, Moderate and Strict, which blocks content with the aid of category. Catagories include Drugs, Nudity, Dating or even Social Networking. They are network-based, which means that they cover all devices related to a BT Hub. You also can choose the time the filters are in the region so that you ought to upload greater filters at some point of the one’s hours they ought to be concentrating on their homework. Find out more.

Ways for College Students to Make Money Online During the Summer


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As the college years come to a stop, most teens and college students are faced with locating a task that will pay the minimum wage or slightly above. That project on my own can prove to be very difficult as agencies are hiring much less and much fewer children and hiring greater adults to fill the identical roles. If and after you discover a process there may be an excellent hazard that it will likely be for beneath $eight an hour minus taxes. So you’ll be wasting away your summer season operating 30-40 hour weeks, making less than $two hundred every week. While I actually agree that work experience is extremely vital in growing and maturing as a person, I do not agree that kids have to be busting their butts and making pocket alternate within the manner. Fortunately for you, there are numerous valid approaches to supplement your summer season earnings by using engaging in online endeavors. Here are some approaches that you may spend your summer time down time and make a few candy cash in the method. All are a hundred% secure.

1.) Online Survey Sites
By some distance, the excellent manner to make money online while not having to spend any of your personals is with paid on line survey sites. They will let you fill out clean surveys, watch videos, play games, etc. All while making a few smooth cash in the technique. It is extremely manageable to spend 5-10 hours per week on those web sites and make $one hundred+. A simple Google search for top survey websites will yield you the satisfactory options.

2.) Invest!
If you are in college now is the time to truly begin doing a little study on capability investments. Bonds, mutual price range, stocks or index finances all provide a super opportunity to similarly develop your earnings. The sooner you start, the greater experience you may benefit and the higher of your future self may be. Instead of wasting your tough earned profits on a new online game, save $one thousand, make investments it, and in all likelihood double that $1000. Educate your self. People do not make cash in this lifestyles via being dumb. The greater you study, the higher off you’ll be and it is by no means too early. I’m capable of make investments the money I earn from survey sites and earn lots each 12 months off investing.

Three.) Sell Your Stuff!
Chances are you’ve got a whole lot of antique stuff laying around for your room. From video games to sports playing cards, there’s usually someone obtainable to be able to pay cash to your matters. Recently, I was able to sell a number of my old Lacoste Polos that I had grown out of for over $240 on eBay. They had just been sitting in my closet, unworn for years and I became in a position to turn those shirts into some cash for my returned pocket!

There you’ve got it. Start making some more money on line these days as a teenager or university pupil. Best of success!

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