Dial Up Internet? Tips To Surf Like Broadband Speed On Slow Speed Internet Connection

Dial Up Internet? Tips To Surf Like Broadband Speed On Slow Speed Internet Connection

In countries like India, many people have limited access to internet as compared to those in US and UK like countries. Many people are using usb internet cards and mobile phones to surf internet on their computer or laptop which do not offer more than 144 Kbps internet speed. Hence I thought this guide will help those people to surf internet with higher speed than ever.GettyImages-172370995-58e833c05f9b58ef7ea99cf1.jpg (2121×1414)

Why dial-up internet connection and usb NIC card for internet access have become slower to surf internet?

Due to the growth of technology, most websites are being developed in web 2.0 technology with full of high resolution images, flash animation, flash videos of promotion and presentation to enhance the user experience, but similarly this has put an requirement on high speed internet connection. For example gmail (most popular email service provider) has it’s three different version for different internet speed need.


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If you think you do not need great user experience and you only need to surf for information and for online contacts only, there are few tips especially for you to enhance the speed of surfing internet.

Disable Images and Flash content in your browser:

If you do not need images and flash content to be displayed while searching for text information only or working on your email client, you can simply disable them to improve speed of surfing.

Install plugin in your browser to block ads from advertising networks:

There are some plugins available (adblock plus for Mozilla Firefox) which allows you to block advertisement from certain advertising networks like Google AdWords. You can also configure it to block ads on certain page or website only or manually block any webpage items like frames, images and flash content. Blocking un necessary content this way will result in fastest loading of any web page.

Install firewall application in your PC to limit internet usage to your browser only:

Installing firewall is recommended not only for security against internet threats and spywares, but to control the internet access in your computer or laptop. You can allow your internet browser only to access internet and block any other background service or installed application which are looking for update from their vendor’s website. So your internet browser can have access to full internet bandwidth you have. I would recommend zone alarm free firewall if you do not want to pay for it.

Keep your PC / Laptop Virus and Spyware Free:

The most comment issue with slow internet speed is virus or spyware infection in computer. Computer virus and spyware will eat most of your internet bandwidth resulting in poor surfing experience. So keep your pc fresh and safe from virus by installing latest and updated antivirus program.

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