Indiana AG Warns Public About Tech Support Computer Scams

Indiana AG Warns Public About Tech Support Computer Scams

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s lawyer trendy is caution the general public approximately online scams that are looking for to persuade humans that their personal computers are inflamed with viruses.

Attorney General Curtis Hill says the scams use pop-up indicators equivalent to safety alerts utilized by legitimate laptop and generation businesses.

He says the deceptive signals claim the users’ computers are infected with viruses and can be liable to hackers. The alerts often offer a toll-free number customers can name, supposedly for help fixing the problem, however, Hill says Indiana residents should ignore the one’s indicators.

He says folks who name the toll-free numbers are requested to present far flung get entry to their computer systems for tests to find and restore the hassle. Hill says doing so can result in private facts, usernames and passwords being stolen for identity theft scams.

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Support Computer Scams
In the pc restore enterprise, like some other type of service primarily based enterprise there are a few people so as to pray at the uninformed.

Listed beneath are some not unusual computer restore scams you’ll want to live away from.
And while many of those scams are performed by using unlicensed stores and techs it is continually an excellent concept to be informed so you can also spot those rip-off irrespective of wherein you can pass in your computer repair.

Scam # 1.
You told that your device is a total loss and can’t be repaired, but the tech or shop simply occurs to have a used PC that they are able to sell you reasonably-priced. The tip off here is if the “tech” wishes your antique gadget as an exchange in or to “recycle”.

The con right here in lots of cases is that there may be little to not anything wrong with your machine. The “tech” then sells you a gadget he was given from any individual else he pulled this identical scam on and then fixes whatever small problem your system had and sells it to the following man or woman he scams. And on and on. In most case you become with a decrease high-quality device then you commenced with and the “tech” makes a big take advantage of you and the subsequent “restore”.

Scam # 2.
Parts were stolen and replaced with low best elements.
This can take place if the “tech” desires to take the laptop again to their shop or when you go away a laptop at a shop. The scam is they may take your higher give up parts and replace them with a decrease cease part after which resell your “higher” part(s) to any individual else.


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You can keep away from this rip-off by using asking the “tech” to write an inventory of all of the elements in your device with serial numbers before you release the machine to be labored on. Also, inform the “tech” you will want all your broken parts lower back if they want to be replaced. This will placed the tech on observing you’ll be taking a near examine their work.

If they will now not inventory your gadget or don’t give again elements then it’s far a large pink flag and also you want to take your system to somebody else.

Scam # three.
Unlicensed Software.
In many instances, human beings will lose their software CD’s & Install Disks and the “tech” may additionally provide you a “reproduction” of the software program you need. Much of the time these are unlawful copies being offered and you get harmed as you’ll now not get a guide from the software dealer, can not get many protection updates and leave out on discounts to destiny variations of the software program. Also, many Unlicensed Software copies are inflamed with viruses and spyware.

The “tech” makes a big profit off of software program he in no way paid for and you’re left holding the bag.

If you are advised you need software program make sure you are getting a prison reproduction with CD’s, printed license and product keys.

If you’ve got lost your software program an actual tech must be able to factor you to the proper area to call or e mail so you can also order changed media at a reduced charge. If they will no longer assist then you definitely it is a sign you’re talking to the wrong “tech”.

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