Tips for choosing ERP software program

What steps do you’re taking while buying new technology? Whether it’s a personal cell phone or critical business software, the net is usually our first port of call. Even in an exceptional niche region like ERP, most people who oversee procurement will begin their basic research online.

Just typing ‘ERP’ into Google produces 563 million effects. From there, it can be an assignment to slender down the alternatives whilst faced with products that all appear to have sufficient capabilities and functionality.

In my profession, I have been lucky to work in sectors ranging from finance, banking and IT, to avionics, health, telecoms, and electronics. I would love to share some recommendations I have evolved for selecting a software program and the maximum crucial criteria to recall when narrowing down your choice to an attainable shortlist.

Tips for choosing ERP software program 12

Vendor viability and references

Assessing the viability of prospective providers is essential. So, your first step should slim down your focus to a smaller quantity of viable companies. (A proper wide variety could be much less than 20.) From there, you appearance closer at each business enterprise, emphasizing its recognition and region expertise. Keelings, as an instance, is a professional in sparkling produce, having grown from that heritage.

Your questions ought to be: how long has the provider been in commercial enterprise, which’s its customers, how reliable is it, and what is the frequency of its launch agenda. Is the seller a boutique SME, or can it supply the organization features and integration you want?


Support is vital in all tiers of a challenge, specifically in an evaluation, assignment making plans, hole analysis, implementation, configuration, and post-live software guide phases. As part of the due diligence, an essential piece of data to find is whether the selected dealer’s help team has the sources to reply to requests in a reasonable time. That especially applies if you have a selected target said within the agreement. For instance, will there be a renovation rate, or does the provider degree settlement cover the decision within 24 hours for high-precedence problems?

This is sincerely an income verbal exchange – ask them about SLAs with a consumer of a similar length to your very own enterprise. Some companies may additionally publicize how many people they have got in support roles. At Keelings, for example, 25% of our group are in help roles, operating between 7 am and 6 pm. Ascertain if the assist characteristic is onshore, nearshore, or offshore. For instance, Keelings gives on-site support during cross-stay, which includes sending a pick group of engineers to support any problems at once and avoid any downtime.

Another point worth checking is what customer support communique channels are available: does the vendor have a portal, an immediate line, or a dedicated contact factor for any escalation?

Documentation, assist fabric and education.

Here, we are stepping into touchy competitive detail. Prospective carriers will possibly only offer this on request because it goes through each character of the product and how to use the utility. Before you reach for the telephone to contact the seller’s help desk, what data does it provide online thru a portal? That ought to range from personal courses or online help to a know-how base of articles that might clear up the trouble you have got encountered, thru to a service desk characteristic that’s delivered online.

Another object to check is whether or not the vendor will provide user schooling on request, and what type this will be: online or classroom courses, a mixture of the two, and schooling aimed toward distinctive tiers of user sorts together with admin outstanding user, and stop using.

Underlying generation and future scalability

The platform is critical. We have noticed customers in our enterprise, sparkling produce, are moving away from using unique handheld devices connected to docking stations to trendy cellular gadgets walking an app or gaining access to thru web packages that are delivered via wireless connections in real-time.

Will your chosen application restrict the warehouse supervisor to their antique clunky single-use tool, or can they use a tablet simply as effortlessly? Compatibility with cell systems like Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile needs to be another bar your dealer wishes to skip.


This category is self-explanatory, but you can inform loads about a vendor’s potentialities using its quality awareness. Does it have a dedicated fine assurance branch with installed QA strategy, policy, and mandate? How common is the seller’s primary, minor, and patch launch schedule? Instead of getting stuck on fees, awareness on a quality of utility and carrier. A dealer will have the bottom charge and the bottom first-class of labor, too. The first-class metric will show how plenty the software is evolving to the following era and constantly enhancing. Also, check the pleasant release notes that accompany every update.


Another sign to look at is how effortlessly the ERP integrates with different applications, inclusive of third-celebration applications or mainstream packages. Integration with every other 1/3-party software, accounting, finance, reporting package, or move and logistics gear is a must-have for ERP.

Ask your potential ERP seller for a list of 1/3-birthday celebration packages its device presently integrates with effectively, and get an understanding of how smooth it would be to combine to a device that isn’t currently in the listing. In the clean produce industry where Keelings operates, many clients require particular reviews referred to as ASN or advanced shipping notifications.

How the integration happens is every other element to recall. Any ERP device for your shortlist ought a good way to hook up with different applications as needed, whether or not through API, batch, or a separate conversation channel among the 2 packages. Will you want to pay a representative or the seller for integration, or will you’ve got to buy a third-celebration API?

Implementation technique

The importance of this class in your assessment method will rely upon the way you would really like the implementation to be. Ideally, your selected dealer should be able to provide the choice of a ‘huge bang’ single-segment release or a multi-phased project, relying on your company’s appetite for disruption in its everyday enterprise.

It’s essential to pick a vendor that has labored within the extraordinary implementation types, so it has allotted sufficient time to check and preparation. It is aware of what movements are needed and how the release will affect numerous departments. You should also ask approximately how that dealer will deal with on-website online help for the pass-stay segment of the challenge.

Technical sophistication, capability, capabilities, and simplicity of use

If you buy a large-price tag application like ERP, consumer friendliness is greater than just nice-to-have attention. How clean is it to install and configure the application as well as to hold it? Ease of use applies to many exceptional sorts of users, consisting of admin, front table, finance, or warehouse, with distinct degrees of IT know-how. This isn’t just about the interface but how the product is built; is it in a trendy item-oriented programming (OOP) language? Some providers use their very own precise language and gear; this means that you may be locked into that supplier in case you want to feature any link to a 3rd celebration application or to create custom reviews, and so on. – and you could have to pay for the privilege.

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During your due diligence, you have to assume in advance: what’s going to your very own needs be, and the way are they probably to change at some point of the lifetime of using the utility?



Check together with your shortlisted suppliers how they’ll rate the software program. Many software vendors provide different pricing models, including supplying simple functions within the initial buy cost, with additional modules available at the greater price. Licensing fashions may additionally fluctuate by using suppliers. Some will tie the utility to the particular tool; others provide a named user, bendy, or concurrent license no matter the tool. Implementation prices may be extra, or they will be wrapped up within the fee.

If you purchase an off-the-shelf package, what is the price of a trade request? This will be a factor of negotiation with the provider: if you need a particular feature right now, there will likely be an additional price, whereas if that function is part of a deliberate improvement cycle, you may get it for no value after waiting for three months. Training will also be an extra cost: some providers offer a certain percentage of schooling covered within the product charge, but the whole thing is chargeable over and above that determine.

Localization settings

Localization support in ERP applications is a crucial consideration. Having your neighborhood language will help your cease customers and will enhance productivity. Major languages, including English, Spanish, French, or German, should be supported as part of the package.

A word of warning: a few packages are built on databases that may motive difficulties with localization that might be wanted if your corporation trades in more than one country. For instance, whilst translating English to Spanish, decimals alternate from a full stop to a comma. This renders the database shape totally one-of-a-kind. In Keelings Solutions’ case, we help five languages. Ask your selected dealer what languages it supports, and take a look at this in opposition to the markets wherein your commercial enterprise operates.

Do you trust this listing? Are there any other factors that you use to evaluate a major software funding like ERP? I could welcome your comments. Let’s preserve the communique going. Hamid Akbari is Head of Quality Assurance at Keelings Solutions ERP, a issue of whole ERP software and professional consulting services to the sparkling produce industry.

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