Business profile: Jones gives local answer for software program needs

Enterprise, which did now not encompass software program improvement. How I ended up in this business: I was interested in software development from an early age. I learned simple computer programming as a nine-year-antique and continued to learn about software program improvement during my adolescence. I joined the Navy at 18 and centered on my task on board the United States.

The remaining years I turned into onboard the Enterprise, I became installed price of ensuring that every employee on board the delivers had simple radiological controls training. I placed my earlier hobbies to work and built a database to tune each sailor’s schooling. That enjoy led to taking programming training at LCU, or even earlier than I graduated, I had my first agreement as a contract software developer. The one aspect I revel in most about my paintings: I truly revel in the innovative thing of this work that goes alongside the intellectual task supplied by solving commercial enterprise issues and getting to know new technology.

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My business philosophy is: Do the whole lot possible to make the customer happy.

What are your goals for your commercial enterprise? Our short-term dreams are to provide a brilliant operating environment for our employees and to keep to have sufficient settlement work to grow our enterprise at a potential fee. Further out, I would love for Caprock Custom Applications to grow into an identified leader in the place of custom software program development in Texas, after which at some point of the area and the US.

What Lubbockites might not realize about Caprock Custom Applications? Many locals may not recognize there’s a corporation in Lubbock that can help them create a custom software package tailored to their corporations or help them take a new concept for an app or enterprise and craft an app or different software solution around their idea. There isn’t any substitute for face-to-face interactions while attempting to talk your dreams and thoughts to someone who will turn them into reality. All of our employees are local and live and paintings right here within the place, and that lets us satisfy in character with our clients and surely get to recognize them and apprehend their ideas.

The excellent recommendation I’ve ever received: Never stop getting to know. One of my favorite sayings is, “You don’t recognize what you don’t know.” There are many opportunities available for someone who is inclined to ask questions and study them; however, usually, humans don’t even recognize what questions to ask or who would possibly have the answers. Put yourself around the human beings that are a hit doing what you do, and you will start to research what inquiries to ask.

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My family: I am married to Amy Jones from Spur, Texas. This year we can celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. Amy is a licensed public account and home colleges our twins and also serves on the Lubbock Homeschool Network board. Our oldest daughter is Keely McArthur, and she attends South Plains College. We have twins, Leah and Daniel, who are 10 years vintage.

If I am something, I’d be a software developer and a dad!

I want I knew the way to: I’ve constantly loved flying and learning approximately aviation. I suppose it would be a first-rate revel in learning how to fly. If I may want to change one issue about Lubbock, it might be: Lubbock is a first-rate area to live in; however, if I may want to change one issue, I’d supply it with a milder climate. I may want to do without the intense warm days and the blowing dirt.

Sylvia Acevedo wanted a break from her technology job, so she sold an old Victorian house to remodel into bed and breakfast. “Being an engineer operating in an era, I felt I failed to do numerous tangible work. But with the mattress and breakfast, at the give up of the day, I felt like I had definitely performed something.”

And, of course, she had—because as she renovated the house, she transformed it into a beautiful B&B. She had no trouble speaking with the development crew, primarily Hispanic, because she grew up talking Spanish and English. “My mom was from Mexico, and all of my grandparents lived there,” she says.

“People might see me talking to a team of employees, and I actually might have contractors prevent and hand me the telephone, asking me to translate for them,” she says. That’s how she realized conversation between Hispanic production people and non-Spanish-speaking supervisors become a problem sincerely.

Being a software program engineer, Sylvia’s mind right away went to fixing the problem. “I think it’s because I have always been an innovator, and I see matters may be in a manner that offers a side-door answer. I don’t simply study the scenario and say, ‘Okay, it is a bottleneck.’ I try to examine new ways to resolve the trouble. And on this particular situation, the hassle turned into communication.” But she didn’t follow through on her thoughts for a few greater years.

After two years of removing, ting, and walking the B&B, Sylvia became equipped to get into the generation discipline again. Hence, she employed a manager for the mattress and breakfast and started a software program improvement corporation with three others. A few years later, Sylvia and her companions later sold the software program corporation.

“That changed into absolutely thrilling,” she says, “due to the fact we offered it for stock, and then the inventory marketplace crashed. But that becomes a crucial getting-to-know lesson because I found out loads about developing a business enterprise that supported intellectual property and taking it from literal idea to truly constructing an employer.” By this time, she had also sold the B&B for a tidy little sum and changed into ready to resolve the verbal exchange trouble she saw some years before. She realized several non-Spanish-talking people within the United States have been hiring folks that only spoke Spanish for carrier jobs. “And you have an assignment due to the fact how do you direct the work that desires to be accomplished?” she says.

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