Google updates Search features to mark Ramadan

Google announced on Sunday a brand new function in its Search enjoy throughout Ramadan, which brings statistics associated with the month-long occasion to the main results page once users seek the usage of Ramadan-related keywords.

Najeeb Jarrar, Marketing Manager at Google MENA

The search large additionally unveiled a brand new product that merges among virtual truth and calligraphy, as human beings around the sector prepare to have a look at the holy month. Google customers in unique parts of the sector will now be capable of access all Ramadan-associated information properly from the principle Search consequences web page with the aid of virtually typing queries related to the holy month. The Search experience will provide residence data like local prayer times, Ramadan suggestions, popular recipes on YouTube, and hyperlinks to Google’s most important Ramadan services, the Qibla Finder and Qalam.

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Qalam (g.Co/Qalam), a brand new net application accessible via browsers that users can without difficulty percentage with buddies and family as their Ramadan and Eid greetings this yr. According to Google, they worked with 9 international-famed artists and calligraphists to create over 35 artistic endeavors which merge digital truth art and calligraphy. Featured artists include the world over famed El Seed, whose designs contain calligraphy with graffiti (“calligraffiti”), Tolga Girgin from Turkey, who mixes calligraphy and typography, and Soraya Syed, one of the first girl calligraphers in Pakistan.

“As greater than a billion people prepare for the holy month, we too at Google have been running to assist our users as they begin to adapt to the month-long event. This yr, we’ve put together a few special studies throughout Google to assist people in getting the most out of the event, like bringing you the most relevant facts proper to your Search outcomes or a new manner to proportion Ramadan greetings that turned into making the usage of virtual reality generation. From augmented reality in Qibla Finder to virtual fact in Qalam, we added Google’s innovation on your fingertips this Ramadan,” stated Najeeb Jarrar, advertising manager, Google Middle East, and North Africa.

The 1/3 update Google announced allows offline utilization of the Qibla Finder (g.Co/QiblaFinder), a web app launched remaining 12 months that uses augmented truth on Android gadgets to discover the path of the Qibla. The replacement additionally permits Android users to add a shortcut to Qibla Finder on their home display screen. These updates are reflective of digital habits all through Ramadan. Google Trends information indicates a spike in interest in “Qibla” and “Ramadan Kareem greetings” at the start and some stage in the holy month. As for Search queries, inner Google statistics suggests that the volume of queries conducted during Ramadan is better than other monthly averages as humans spend more time online

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.Some aspirations of the worldwide Muslim community are basically elective; collaborating in the Olympics, seeing who can build the biggest masjid, and keep big-name studded fundraisers. Others are crucial responsibilities to which we’re continually obligated. Assuming the Islamic ethical vital is a duty from which Muslims cannot getaway. In the modern-day international civilization scheme, the Muslim peoples are obligated to be beacons of morality and steering for the world. Now before a number of you chuckle, sigh, or gasp, allow me to explain. Allah has unequivocally declared;

“Let there get up out of you a band of human beings inviting to all that is right, enjoining what’s right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are those to achieve felicity.” three:104 There must be a least a set of the Muslims who are engaged in the practice of enjoining what’s right and forbidding what’s evil. Otherwise, we all are at fault. Our net well worth as a nonsecular group is connected in the component to our enjoying the best and forbidding the wrong “You are the satisfactory country extracted for the human beings; you enjoin true and forbid evil.” 3:110

Thus we can’t ignore as Muslims; there are a few obligations to offer ethical leadership to the world. As we technique, the 100 yr mark of the publish khilafat surroundings, even though there are over a thousand million Muslims globally, non-secular leadership is at a top rate, and whilst present is regularly divided in opposition to itself. Structures of Islamic exams and balances are conspicuously absent. So the undertaking of creating a realistic, morally principled, and cause pushed umma is possibly greater now than at any time for the duration of the 1400 plus years for a reason that epoch of the Prophet (SAWS).

Outside of the masaajid, Muslim schools, a few charities, and the organization of Hajj, there are hardly any faith-driven institutions stewarded by way of the Muslim community. Our experience of spiritual purpose is eroded through the din of hyper-reactionary politics, the ever-gift spiritual sectarianism, a deeply rooted cynicism, and a shortage of confidence inside the restorative powers of our faith in the movement. In addition, plainly, our pursuit of worldly status has made lots of us ingratiating footstools to the sector and blinded us to what made the Muslim peoples wonderful in the first area.

In an international of sexual mania, normal distraction through amusement and pandemic, narcissistic pushed materialism, the voice of our religion is seldom heard unless it is a call for jihad, an apologetic discourse geared toward spin manipulate or regurgitation of spiritual standards which can be lacking in empirical substantiation. If our faith is based on peace, then we ought to be the principal authors of it, beginning in our personal ranks! If we’re the champions of justice and goodness, then let us see our own examples of solution-based totally justice in the globe. And if Islam preaches appropriate manners and civility, allow us to make our personal global mark upon it.

Every time we factor our finger at the world, there are hands pointed properly returned at us.
We point to corruption whilst we overlook the corruption in our own societies. We point at intolerance and overlook our own intra-non secular intolerance. When we point at unbridled materialism, we do not want to look very some distance to look it in our very own selves. And when we point to violence against the innocent, we don’t need to look very a ways to look it occurring by way of us and in opposition to our personal humans.

On the cutting-edge worldwide level we all share, the Muslims aren’t those the arena looks for steering, direction, or assistance. More frequently, we’re in search of it from others. I refuse to believe that solutions for the arena’s problems do now not exist in what become discovered to our Prophet (SAWS). Indeed the answers are there if we interact the overall breadth of what Islamic divine texts ought to offer. We can not rush to use shariah laws to pray, hajj, and marriage and even argue about it simultaneously as no longer applying divine steerage to the manner we control our governments, our societies, or our enterprise and civil codes of ethics.

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