YouTube testing picture-in-picture mode for Android users without Red subscriptions

YouTube is reportedly testing photograph-in-photo mode for customers without a Red subscription, as spotted employing Android Police. Picture-in-image mode changed into first delivered in Android Oreo and lets users watch a video in a nook of the cellphone’s display screen while concurrently using some other app. The characteristic lets you multitask, so that you should, for instance, search for remove food in another app even as nevertheless watching a trailer for Infinity War.

YouTube formerly confined image-in-image mode to Red subscribers (which fees $nine. Ninety-nine a month). However, it seems like the video provider is increasing that function to the ones without a subscription. Some Reddit customers without Red memberships discovered that photograph-in-photograph worked for some content they tested but no longer for song movies. (YouTube does say that image-in-photo mode providing tune content is simplest to be had for Red subscribers.) As Android Police notes, the confined rollout appears to be managed at the server side (aka, you can’t cause it yourself), and YouTube has likely given content material proprietors the capacity to restrict image-in-image mode on their motion pictures.

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An instance of a content owner proscribing photograph-in-photo. Image: Android Police

The iPad additionally has a system-extensive photo-in-image characteristic in iOS, allowing you to look at films whilst thusingther apps. However, you want to apply fiddly workarounds if you want to use it with the YouTube app. The YouTube app on iPhone additionally has a photo-in-photo mode, but that’s confined to inside the app itself — so you could minimize the video you’re looking into the corner; however, most effective browse other films within the YouTube app.

Though YouTube Red is presently available in 5 international locations: America, Australia, Mexico, Korea, and New Zealand. But if you’re now not a subscriber, then YouTube’s picture-in-image mode is most effective available within the US on Android devices strolling Oreo or above, in keeping with a helping report. We’ve reached out to Google for extra statistics at the photograph-in-photograph characteristic without a Red subscription and could update if we listen lower back. There is another motive, luckily rare that guys may also need to keep in mind, the aptly-named red scrotum syndrome. A pink penis may be due to many things, including balanitis, jock itch, and plain old inflammation from friction. Even men who frequently practice exemplary penis care may additionally find themselves in this unsightly situation.

What it’s miles

Red scrotum syndrome once in a while, called burning scrotum syndrome, is a chronic disorder that tends to affect men over 50 — although it has been located in men of tons more youthful a while as nicely. When a man has crimson scrotum syndrome, his scrotum (and usually the bottom of the penis) flip a bright color of red. The redness is not normally accompanied by utilizing scaliness. However, it’s miles frequently associated with a burning sensation. The burning feeling can at instances be very severe. In addition, the scrotum and affected parts of the penis have become pretty soft to the touch. Sensitivity is heightened, frequently to a painful degree. Red scrotum syndrome is assessed as a form of erythromelalgia (also referred to as Mitchell’s disease), that’s avascular pain ailment wherein blood vessels turn out to be blocked, causing swelling and infection.


Red scrotum syndrome produces a widespread degree of discomfort in its sufferers. In addition to the burning and tenderness, many men experience intense itchiness inside the area. Because of the tenderness, scratching the itch can purpose pain. Persistent scratching may in flip lead to pores and skin peeling. In some instances, the burning and tenderness are such that the contact of cloth against the affected location can be painful. Whether clothed or bare, sitting can be uncomfortable, as the scrotum rubs towards the man’s legs or the chair, and many guys with the condition want to take a seat close to the front of a seat so that the balls can hangover and now not contact anything.

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While the crimson penis trouble related to the condition tends to be contained to the bottom, in some instances, the redness does spread during the penis. This also reasons extensive issues due to burning, itching, and tenderness. Men with pink scrotum syndrome frequently discover their intercourse lives dwindled, mainly while the situation gives on large portions of the penis. The friction at the penis associated with intercourse can be too painful for plenty; in turn, the movement of the scrotum for the duration of intercourse and its contact with other frame parts also consequences in a higher diploma of pain.


What reasons red scrotum syndrome? Doctors genuinely aren’t positive. Some factors that can be concerned with triggering this circumstance include topical corticosteroids, fungal or bacterial infections, and sexually transmitted infections. With so few statistics on the causes, medical doctors are also in the dark on different problems, including why it tends to arise greater often in men over 50. Some accept as true that it may have something to do with hormonal modifications due to getting old. However, there may be a loss of studies to research this opportunity. Because the reason is unknown, some medical doctors suggest that a man refrains from partner-based total sex.


Doctors generally treat the symptoms through acquainted strategies consisting of moderate soaps and detergents, anti-fungal medicinal drugs, and right hygiene. In a few cases, doxycycline may be recommended. When red scrotum syndrome includes an unnaturally red penis, guys can get some remedy by frequently using a first-rate penis fitness crème (fitness experts advocate Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and secure for skin) at the penis itself. A crème that already enables relief of regular penile itching is cautioned; those that promote moisturizing are nice. It’s also clever to pick out a crème with diet D, recognized widely as a “miracle diet.” if the crème includes an excessive-give up emollient (together with Shea butter) and one in every of nature’s best hydrators (including vitamin E), relief from itching is possible. The standard fitness advantages related to nutrition D can improve the general fitness of the penis, making it much more likely to resist dermatological troubles.

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