Nintendo Switch Youtube App: Does the console actually need video streaming apps?

There’s plenty to get enthusiastic about if you’re a Nintendo Switch proprietor. However, one burning query on every person’s minds is whilst the Nintendo Switch will get video streaming apps — and there seem to be greater questions than there are answers concerning this conundrum. Splatoon 2 dropped this month, and Super Mario Odyssey is coming within the fall — even supposing there’s no Monster Hunter XX port coming to the west. But does the Nintendo Switch really want video streaming apps like YouTube? Maybe no longer, and here’s why.

Nintendo Switch YouTube app: The case against it

The exhilaration over video apps like YouTube and Netflix coming to the Nintendo Switch re-ignited in mid-June whilst reviews came in that NicoNico, a Japanese video streaming carrier, changed into available for download at the Nintendo E-shop. This brought about a whole lot of speculation approximately whether or not or now not other famous apps may come to the console as well.

According to a 2014 look at via market intelligence firm Parks Associates, 44% of console customers used their gaming device to move video 12 months, Ars Technica mentioned. With data like that, it’d be smooth to argue that Nintendo can and need to bring video streaming offerings to its new console. After all, the Wii U had them. However, just a few days after the Ars Technica piece changed into posted, Forbes mentioned that in line with marketplace research firm GfK, video streaming on consoles was clearly down five% from 2013 and down 20% from 2011.

Nintendo Switch Youtube App: Does the console actually need video streaming apps? 12

“Unless you already very own one, video game consoles are arguably the least green manner to use Netflix in the meanwhile,” Paul Tassi wrote. “Devices like Roku are smaller and less complicated to attach. Chromecast is essentially a $35 USB drive. Smart TVs are perhaps the very best of all, with no extra hardware required, and little more than a Wi-Fi code needed to get a Netflix app up and running.”

In 2014, Business Insider mentioned that the quantity of Smart TVs in homes has become set to double through 2018. To add to this, Smart TVs — TVs with built-in media streaming and web surfing — accounted for over 50% of all televisions shipped in 2016, in step with IHS Markit. Put clearly: People who need to stream video of their home from gadgets other than their computers are pretty spoiled for a preference right now.

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This isn’t to mention that there isn’t room for Nintendo to provide these streaming apps — specifically given the console’s transportable layout. But at this point, we can’t see the inclusion of a Netflix or YouTube app making or breaking the console.

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