Cortana for Android Gets a New Design, New Features

Microsoft’s Cortana app for Android has acquired a bunch of recent updates that include a wholly new design with a few visual adjustments along with a group of improvements. Cortana for Android model 2.Nine.0 is to be had on Google Play can be downloaded right away.

Talking approximately the brand new functions, Cortana’s Android app has been redesigned with some minute visible modifications, noticed with the aid of MSPowerUser. The backside navigation bar has been ditched to introduce the standard hamburger menu that allows you to open a brand new page to get the right of entry to less difficult and quick settings, distinctive issues for Cortana, pocketbook amongst others.

Moreover, the principle Cortana feed has been moved to a new Interests section, while a new Upcoming phase keeps track of upcoming events and related things. This new tab bifurcation is incredibly just like Google’s Explore tab.

Cortana for Android Gets a New Design, New Features 12

The Cortana’s Play keeps app list mentions that the new update also includes ‘palms-unfastened calling and texting, in addition to the aforementioned upgrades. There is also ‘quick palms-on manage’ of the reminders you set in Cortana, which can also be moved to the top-right nook inside the app. While the new capabilities aim to make Cortana greater on hand and ubiquitous, the app’s changelog also points out Cortana’s quit of help for the Microsoft Band 2 with this update on the Android platform.

Future of Android Development

Android is one of the dominant cell working systems available nowadays. It has greater than 80% of market percentage. The essential motive for that is that it’s far too impartial. This method does not work with any proprietary hardware. It may be set up on gadgets of various makes and models. This additionally poses a big mission for Android builders. They want to keep in mind all of the devices and their functions to make their apps well suited to those gadgets. The cell market is risky too. There are new devices added each yr, and there are devices that get outdated and are no longer supported. This makes it even greater difficult for builders to preserve up these traits.

However, one cannot assist; imagine the future of Android improvement and its challenges. Let’s check all the Android development features that higher equip builders to stand the destiny! Will builders be able to fight all these challenges?

With the aid of Google, the entire Android ecosystem underwent a tremendous change with the creation of Lollipop. They added wearable gadgets, too, with this operating system as the base. The new software was brought into Android Studio, which greatly stepped forward the way people worked compared with the conventional IDE – Eclipse.

Google additionally delivered assignment automation equipment for Android builders. It substantially facilitates developers to divide their apps into numerous flavors and assign accurate configuration settings in addition to its speed of execution.

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Material design is becoming very famous, and with Lollipop, this layout has been included in the design of the UI of this operating gadget. It absolutely redefines what the consumer enjoys. Motion actually gives which means as stated by Google, and they have brought lifestyles to their applications with this new design idea.

The introduction of smartwatches makes it all of the greater vital for Android Development professionals to up their competencies to those in their programming capabilities. The future of mobiles is simply going to be wearable gadgets. Soon we will see other home equipment related to mobiles and TV, fridge, and washing machines. Android has already been attempted and examined on such packages and is destiny equipped with newer technology gadgets!

The flexibility, scalability, and huge range of compatibility that Android offers shall constantly remain wonderful points. It shall open new doorways for developers as generation introduces newer approaches of operating with smart gadgets and appliances of all kinds. With the concept of the internet of factors turning into increasingly more famous, Android is universally prepared to address what the destiny n generation holds.

History shows that Android has come a long way, delivered new adjustments, and made itself increasingly more appealing to customers. It has also opened plenty of new opportunities for builders. Android improvement, in reality, has a bright future and has all of the methods to aid the upcoming and emerging technology tendencies.

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