OnePlus 3 remains the best Android phone of the year

2016 has been a kind yr for Android smartphones. I have had the pleasure of reviewing some high-quality gadgets. Those telephones were so accurate that I ditched my iPhone 6S Plus and shifted completely toward Android in a few cases. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7, the LG G5, Xiaomi Redmi Note, and Mi five were tested. However, if one cellphone stands head and shoulders above the pack, then it has to be the OnePlus 3. I have been using the tool as my secondary paintings phone for three months, and it’s been a pride to apply. In many cases, it has out finished my personal iPhone and also regularly has lasted longer than it.

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The component that moves me plenty about the OnePlus three is miles, the sort of fluid smartphone to apply. Be it when you’re taking the phone to the full limits of its abilities with heavy obligation programs or normal daily usage. In use even 3 months down the line – submit the so-called honeymoon duration, this smartphone flies faster than another Android phone in the marketplace. It even gives the iPhone 6S Plus a run for its cash. This is a place where maximum telephones crumble, and ultimately their true overall performance unravels.

OnePlus needs to be credited here. It has armed the telephone with the best viable hardware and provided easy software that has been up to date at a brisk tempo, keeping the telephone malicious program loose and refined.

See, I’m not an everyday person. I pressure check the phone in greater approaches than one. The phone might be pummelled with a volley of chat packages, e-mail, song, and digicam use. I’m an immoderate consumer of the digicam. I’m a nighttime owl and often submit work at a pub chilling with my pals on a day-by-day foundation. That is wherein the camera is used heavily.

At the same time as maximum phones come undone in low-light performance, the OnePlus 3 manages to keep its own, be it selfies or stills from the rear digicam. The only place it disappoints is within the location of video recording because it sucks at capturing excessive decibel audio. Best the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S are continuously better than the OnePlus three as a properly-rounded camera bundle; however, they value a good buy extra.

Furthermore, because of my specific use case. The telephone frequently runs out of battery at some point in the day. This is no longer a knock at the cellphone in line with se, but it’s far simply that I am out of domestic for more than 15 hours an afternoon regularly. It’s wherein the sprint charger becomes a lifesaver. Be it my Xiaomi power bank or the auto charger; I turn out to be with more juice on the OnePlus three by the cease of the night as the iPhone 6S Plus expenses at a slower clip and often is useless by 10 PM. That is while the OnePlus three takes over as my foremost cellphone publish at 10 PM. By way of the night’s stop frequently, it’s miles the OnePlus three that use to call my protect to open the door for my house.

The screen on the OnePlus 3 is respectable. It isn’t a problem per se and is perfectly usable. Cellphone vendors harp about stunning monitors. Samsung is especially one that is thought to hammer home its advantage in show generation. Still, when you pressure to take a look at the telephone for extra than a month, and there’s the bizarre scratch, you begin to forget about the newness of a suitable display. The big component is just like the iPhone 6S display screen. It gets the activity done and is not an impediment. As a bonus, the phone comes with a scratch defend, which gives me the desire to witness a completely scratch-free display the day I’d determine to trade it.

The fingerprint scanner on the tool is also one of the fine ones I have used. It’s far on par with only the iPhone 6S, if not better. I certainly just like the oval/rectangular scanner that is recessed; in contrast to the one at the Galaxy S7, that’s stiff.

This telephone a long time gracefully. Last but not least is the fact that it has a strong but good-looking frame. My unit has taken the abnormal tumble, and at nearer inspection, you can notice the odd ding and dent. However, there’s nothing that’d become a visual eyesore. The Galaxy S7 may be a prettier cellphone; however, after using it for a month, I ended up with a cracked glass again; that’s something I do not need to worry about at the OnePlus 3.

The cease result is a phone that is probably to remain one of the exceptional imparting in the market even till the give up of the yr. Yes, Google is rumored to be launching its Pixel phones, but if you’ve to move by using what’s rumored on the specs front, the smartphone will not offer a massively better revel in than the OnePlus 3. Its leaked renders also imply that it would not be the maximum handsome cellphone around.

The perfect thing about the OnePlus three is that you don’t want to convey its price into the equation to argue for it. Its charge is truely one of the biggest promoting points in its favor, yet the telephone is so top that I did not want to speak about it. I am relaxing my case.

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