Android O to Feature Paste as Plain Text, Individual Notification Channels for Chrome Websites

Google’s next new release of Android, called Android O, lately got its final preview build – Android O Developer Preview 4. With the build, one new characteristic has been spotted – Paste as Plain Text. Besides, a Google Chrome code forum has discovered that the Chrome notifications drove by means of apps via websites also are going to change in Android O, however more on that later.

The Android O Developer Preview four brings the option to let customers copy any rich or formatted textual content after which paste it as undeniable text into any app, consisting of Twitter and Google Keep, reports 9to5Google. This will essentially allow users to take away diverse sorts of formatting and simply hold the textual content as it’s miles. Android O uses device studying to pick out wealthy text after which suggests pasting it as plain text, however, in cases of ordinary textual content, this option will not be to be had at the floating widget that appears whilst you long press. In addition, Android O Developer Preview 4 additionally makes use of machine gaining knowledge of to realize phone numbers, addresses, emails, and website URLs and opens related apps.

Coming to the Google Chrome notifications, a method to put into effect new notification channels for man or woman websites is an improvement. The new Google Chromium Gerrit discussion board has revealed in its modern-day publish that notifications from websites in Chrome could have separate notification channels. Presently, the strong Chrome model and Chrome Canary show only a few options under the Site Settings for such websites. The alternatives in the Site Settings consist of clearing the non-public records and managing notifications beneath five specific channels – Browser, Downloads, Incognito, Media, and Sites. With the new replacement, the websites’ notifications permissions will now result in site’s notification channel where distinctive controls can be streamlined.

Nevertheless, the brand new feature this is going to come back to Google Chrome seems to solve many notification related issues for the customers, it isn’t always recognized when this feature may be finalized and roll out to the Android O walking gadgets.

What Is StumbleUpon and How Is It Used?

Founded in 2001, StumbleUpon (occasionally abbreviated to SU) is a social bookmarking internet site that basically coordinates the distribution of internet site content, wherein users “StumbleUpon” web pages advocated by using friends. When a consumer discovers and charges a website with the aid of giving it a “thumbs up”, the internet site routinely turns into a favorite of that consumer. Conversely, if a consumer dislikes a website, he/she can supply it a “thumbs down”. Additionally, users can “stumble” their private pastimes and pursuits consisting of photos, films, and games.

How is StumbleUpon Used

To effectively use StumbleUpon, the StumbleUpon toolbars need to be installed in your browser: To date, Firefox, Windows Explorer, and Google Chrome are the only browsers on which the toolbars can be hooked up. I feel that one of the reasons StumbleUpon is growing so swiftly in recognition is its ease of use. From the gear menu, you in reality select which controls you need, such as Stumble, which when clicked, shows a web page. The I Like It button is used to vote on a web site. Incidentally, I encourage you to put in writing an overview on every occasion you vote on a web site, despite the fact that it is only a few words – that enhances your status amongst fellow stumblers. Other controls consist of the Share button to engage together with your Facebook pals and Twitter followers; click on on Stumble and you are confirmed all of your connections (human beings you’ve got imported as contacts) – and you can have institution conversations with any of your connections.

Another terrific feature is that you could seamlessly stumble via websites which might be available on the way to pick. Those web sites are classified as Channels, and that they include YouTube, MySpace, WordPress, CNN, University Sites, Flickr and the Rolling Stones. From the toolbar, genuinely click on a website’s button, for instance, CNN, after which on Stumble, and that takes you through the pages of the CNN website. And of course, there are buttons that enable you to without difficulty percentage videos and snap shots. From a personal perspective, stumbling may be a captivating revel in. And from an enterprise perspective, it may be used as a powerful tool to force traffic to a user’s internet site if used efficaciously.


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Some Facts and Figures

StumbleUpon may be an incredibly useful source of visitors as evidenced by the subsequent statistics:

I changed into surprised to find out that StumbleUpon receives greater each day site visitors than Twitter.
StumbleUpon has 50% of the social media market within the US.
The pinnacle social media internet site for referral visitors for the length Aug – Sep 2011 turned into StumbleUpon with over 50% marketplace proportion.
Social bookmarking websites corresponding to StumbleUpon are Digg, Reddit, and Delicious.
When efficiently used as an advertising device, StumbleUpon facilitates to sell a brand name, and it improves search engine PageRank and boosts visitors. It’s also feasible to examine how nicely your website is acting in terms of the number of StumbleUpon traffic for your internet site and the way they have interaction with it. However, consider that the get better rate of that traffic can be high – customers do now not regularly spend too much time browsing websites upon which they have stumbled.

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