At Beautycon, Social Media Stars Redefine Beauty

For some human beings, makeup isn’t always pretty much today’s lipstick product or eyeliner. It is set having strength.

Just ask the those who attended Beautycon, a recent 2-day occasion in New York City. The attendees were able to see and look at merchandise from over one hundred makeup and beauty care brands. They also could concentrate on talks by using social media stars whose expertise is all things splendor.

At Beautycon, the “stars” had been not famous supermodels or designers but everyday people who have used social media to exchange the makeup industry.

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Millions of people use social media to comply with today’s information about beauty care. These Instagram and YouTube customers create new markets inside the enterprise and force enterprise insiders to rethink their ideas.

Irene Kim, a Korean-American, is active on social media. Kim says she discovered a manner to express herself thru social media and “proportion her individuality.”

“Beauty is endless. It’s something you want to do and the way you want to specify yourself,” she delivered. Kim changed into one of the audio systems at the event.

Mecca Iman, who loves the use of make-up, agrees. “It’s deeper than simply the way it appears. It’s how you sense,” she stated.

Democratization of Beauty

Moj Mahdara, the top of Beautycon Media, advised VOA that beauty magazines do not decide who is stunning or healthy-searching.

“Now you have a generation of younger those who are creators,” she said. “(The) the consumer is definitely their friend.”

Iman cried whilst she met social media big name Raye Boyce. Boyce produces “how-to” videos on makeup and beauty care. She is higher regarded using her online name, “ItsMyRayeRaye.”

“I examine a lot from her,” said Iman.

Major producers have mentioned the energy of social media. Boyce currently partnered with CoverGirl to sell the organization’s makeup merchandise on her social media. She turned into also given the danger of visiting the research and development laboratories of Coty, the discern enterprise of CoverGirl, and different splendor manufacturers like Clairol, Rimmel, and Max Factor.

“I feel like they may be paying attention to us; they’re seeking to understand the gap,” stated Boyce.

Nabela Noor, a splendor influencer with 749,000 followers on Instagram, has partnered with Sally Hansen, Benefit, and e.L.F. Cosmetics.

“The reason why I wanted to do what I’m doing is due to the fact I wasn’t seeing everyone else like me,” stated Noor, a Bangladeshi-American. “I didn’t see myself represented on television, within the media,” she said. “I concept, if I no longer see it take place, I’m going to make it take place for myself.”

Tokyo Stylez additionally became in New York for the event. Born in Nebraska, he began running in hair care with the aid of posting his wig creations on Instagram. He now works with performers like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Rihanna.

“People genuinely aid what I do – they trust my vision, they accept as true with my judgment on matters. So if I say, ‘Go do that,’ they clearly move to do it,” he introduced.

Tokyo Stylez commands about $900 in line with the character for all-day lessons in which he talks approximately about hair care treatments. “I just do me, and it really works for me,” he said.

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Beauty From the Inside Out

Self-attractiveness is one of the foremost ideas marketers use for Generation Z, the younger humans born from the center of the 1990s to the early 2000s. One location of Beautycon, called “B-Well,” dealt specifically with health and well-being, with corporations selling vitamins and wholesome treats.

“Beauty is both internal and out, and how you deal with your insides and your intellectual fitness and your bodily health and your spirituality is all a part of the way you foster splendor,” said Mahdara.

She believes the industries managing health, well-being, and splendor are coming collectively.

“(It) will be a totally massive motion transferring ahead,” she stated.

I’m Susan Shand.

Tina Trinh mentioned this story or VOANews.Com. Susan Shand adapted her story for Learning English. George Grow became the editor.

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