Review: Logitech’s G560 gaming audio system sound wonderful and look even better

Logitech’s G560 is the business enterprise’s first set of gaming-precise speakers, with custom RGB lighting fixtures that syncs with your games to increase your immersion. When you can get the capabilities to paintings, you’ve got fixed of the audio system that each appearance and sound awesome.

The G560 set comes with satellite speakers and a subwoofer. They work in each stressed and Bluetooth configuration, and the satellite speakers have manual controls. If used in basic terms as speakers, the G560 measures up. The sound is easy, and the bass isn’t overwhelming. I’m not as an audiophile as my colleague Napier Lopez, but I found the speakers more than pleasant for blasting the Black Panther soundtrack.

But since the G560 is hard and fast for gaming audio systems, it stands to reason one would check them while gaming. So for the last month, I’ve achieved simply that. I’ve been in a primary-person shooter temper at some stage in that point, so the primary video games I’ve tested it with are Overwatch and Far Cry five, with a piece of Battlefield One and Assassin’s Creed Origins thrown in there for the true degree.

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As some distance as the sound in-recreation goes, the G560 does a fantastic job of speaking space and distance. Overwatch is a superb instance: gambling the game with these speakers placed properly to your desk — which took a chunk of trial and blunders, admittedly — you can tell while a Tracer is attempting to flank you wherein Torbjörn is putting in his turret around the nook. Thanks to that audio system, I was even able to seize an eagle swooping down on my head in Far Cry 5.

But the audio system has a greater aesthetic attraction: the customizable RBG lighting fixtures, separated into 4 zones at the front and back. The lights are vibrant enough to fill any gaming area, with the lower back-going through speakers fill an entire wall with hues.

The RGB lighting isn’t simply every other piece of gaming flashiness, either. It’s supposed to be used alongside Logitech’s Lightsync, which lets you sync the effects with certain video games. This isn’t without delay apparent, as the software doesn’t come with the speakers — or as a minimum, it didn’t work for me. You must download it from

Logitech’s website.

When it works, and if you’re gambling one of the video games which matches with Lightsync and has sport-driven lighting fixtures — which, admittedly, is a brief listing but includes GTA V, Fortnite, and Battlefield One — your gaming center will light up with colors that compliment what your in-recreation individual is doing.

If you’re not playing one of these games, you could nonetheless customize your lighting with Logitech’s gaming software program, both by way of customizing precise zones or via syncing every region with sure components of your display screen so they in shape the maximum energetic color in that sector. The latter works fine with the asymmetrical setup where your speakers are far sufficiently removed from the sides of the screen that the color can fill your area well.

Still, it’s unintuitive and hard to make paintings properly for something that’s supposedly so critical to the speakers in question. I needed to fiddle with the gaming software for a long-term to locate the colors that worked for me. In reality, if you don’t have one of the games that use game-pushed lighting fixtures, I’d say Light sync is a great deal more beneficial for people with Logitech keyboards like the G513 Tristan reviewed a few weeks in the past. Also, even as this isn’t a large hassle consistent with se, the subwoofer is a little on the huge aspect for my tastes. If you have a small gaming setup, as I do, then the subwoofer is either an ottoman or one heckuva paperweight. But these are distinctly minor complaints as compared with the overall nice of the audio system. If you’re a gamer and can find the money for the $199 charge point, they make a super addition to a PC gaming rig.

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We like a few merchandise. We don’t like others. Either manner, if you purchase something via our associate links, we get a small cut of the sales. This isn’t a subsidized publish, however for the sake of transparency; you need to recognize what’s up. The Lenovo G560 is a fantastic pc that prides itself on saving users’ time as it may successfully carry out multi-tasking. I bought my very own when it changed into released and feature never felt regret. It’s an amazing laptop with first-rate specs and features. This 15.6-inch pc has a huge screen making it a supercomputer alternative computer for your private home or workplace. I even have continually cherished Lenovo (formerly IBM) laptops. They are sturdy, practical, and not to mention extraordinarily durable.

The key to a fast pc is its processor. The Lenovo G560 comes with a 2.13GHz Intel Core i-three-330M processor that is superb. For its rate, that is a real bargain. In addition to that, it comes with 4GB of RAM. Again, for its price, very few laptops provide this plenty quantity of RAM for the users. These two functions are important to speeding up the computer and making multi-tasking viable without any issues.

The mini number pad is one cool thing I locate that the Lenovo G560 has that many do not. I used a laptop before this and featured accustomed myself to inputting numbers the usage of the quantity pad. Most laptops do not have a variety of pads which I discover a little inconvenient. The Lenovo G560’s quantity pad is a simply cool characteristic that could appear silly or redundant but become one of the key features that drew my attention toward it. It’s also suitable for gaming as many video games permit a number pad as warm-keys.

Another feature that I find very beneficial is the face reputation feature. I now sense more secure leaving my computer round knowing that best I can get admission to it. I have set it so that only my circle of relatives and I can log in to my laptop. Many different features make it a first-rate price range laptop, along with three USB ports, an HDMI-out port, an ExpressCard/34 slot, and a five-layout media-card reader. It additionally comes with an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi radio and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

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