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Business News Add Crazy  Nigeria’s stockbrokers set to exchange   03 August 2017   four:14 am Barring unexpected occasions, stockbrokers in Nigeria might also soon have the power of buying and selling in the United Kingdom. Plenty of different countries following the special education are organized using the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS), collaborating with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI), inside the United Kingdom. By the proposed -pronged joint education, slated for August 10 to 18, 2017, at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), members would be exposed to know-how Modern Commodity Derivative (MCD) and International Introduction to Securities and Investment Market (IISI). As a part of the strategies to globalize the operations of stockbrokers and different practitioners inside the economic market, the CIS cited that the ISI is designed to prepare the individuals to take an examination for the CISI’s qualification, the main requirement for practicing in all international locations where CISI UK is recognized.

Business  alternate   03 August 2017   4:14 am

Barring unexpected instances, stockbrokers in Nigeria may quickly have the ability to buy and sell in the United Kingdom and many other countries following the special training being organized utilizing the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS), in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI), within the United Kingdom.
By the proposed two-pronged joint education, slated for August 10 to 18, 2017, on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), members could be uncovered to understanding Modern Commodity Derivative (MCD) and International Introduction to Securities and Investment Market (IISI). As part of the strategies to globalize the operations of stockbrokers and other practitioners in the economic market, the CIS noted that the ISI is designed to put together the individuals to take the exam for the CISI’s qualification, a primary requirement for training in all nations where CISI UK is regarded.

The institute explained that ISSI offers candidates broader financial surroundings wherein the monetary offerings industry operates and examines how an economic interest is decided and managed in different financial and political systems.
“The Commodity Derivative education on its own is a high-effect program to equip participants with complete information of Commodity Markets, Commodity Trading, Risk Management, and Derivatives in terms of Agriculture, Oil, and Gas, Agro-Allied Company, Finance, and Energy each in global and neighborhood views.

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“The Master Class interface will cope with realistic trading techniques in various commodity markets, inclusive of agricultural manufacturing, crude oil, and base.” Commenting on the initiative, the CIS’ President, Oluwaseyi Abe, defined that the flow turned into constant with the Institute’s policy on capability constructing consistent with the globalization of Nigeria’s Capital Market whereby market regulators and operators ought to function at international pleasant practice. Corroborating Abe, the Institute’s First Vice President, Adedapo Adekoje, mentioned that distinguished on the listing of members had been commodity investors, stockbrokers, different capital market practitioners, Bankers, finance enterprises, Regulators, agriculture entrepreneurs, Gas practitioners, legal professionals, accountants, and coverage Practitioners.

The Involvement of the British inside the Transatlantic Slave Trade

The 25th March 2007 marked 200 years because of the abolition of slavery activities within the United Kingdom. This act delivered a give up to over 250 years of merciless and barbaric trafficking of up to fifteen million African’s throughout this time, who were taken from their native homelands that were then compelled to work on the plantations in the West Indies to fulfill the ever-increasing call for cheap labor. In this research, we can try and firstly study British involvement inside the slave exchange, searching on the fundamental motivations from both an economic and sociological perspective. Secondly, we can take a look at the factors for the abolition of the slave alternate; specifically, the efforts made through people, which include William Wilberforce, Granville Sharp, and Thomas Clarkson, and additionally recall the efforts made by way of religious stress groups together with the Evangelical and Quaker agencies. Finally, we investigate the effect of the slave exchange and the legacy that it has had upon the UK and Africa.

The story of the slave trade and Britain’s involvement returns to as far as 1562; compared to the Portuguese and the Spanish, the British were ‘past due starters’ in the slave trade. However, they were virtually no less big in the proliferation of slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries. The English adventurer and slave dealer Sir John Hawkins, a Plymouth-born service provider, changed into arguably the first person to use the time period “Human cargo” whilst he seized 300 Africans in the course of his first slave buying and selling challenges. Other individuals preferred to apply the term “commodities.” It can be seen as early as 1562 that the British at the side of European counter components considered African’s with little or no regard and even “not human”.

The British considered African cultural practices as not Christian, although it has been claimed that Christianity reached components of Africa as early as the second one century A.D. African’s had been branded via the British as ‘two-legged beasts’ or ‘savages’ that have been no longer quite beasts, however, had been really now not human either. It can be argued that the Christian values held with the aid of the British at this point were an essential motivation for the slave alternate. To difficult the black historian and writer Richard Reddie argues that many Christians associated the color of the African’s pores and skin with being an indication of sin as black became related to sin and the Devil and that the word black has “always been a loaded time period within the English language connoting negativity.” Therefore, the British considered the Africans as not worthy of being human or of being dealt with as such. Therefore any use of Africans for slave labor purposes can be justified primarily based on omitting interpreted biblical references.

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