Men’s Fohawk Fade Hairstyles and Haircuts We Want to Copy

Men’s Fohawk Fade Hairstyles and Haircuts We Want to Copy

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Undeniably, fohawk fade is coolest and on-trend hairstyle for men right now. That is for sure. With their glam appeal that incorporates the right balance of edginess and suave in a single look, it is obvious why many men are falling for this look.

The haircut is also super versatile, and that leaves a lot of room for creativity and experimentation. It gives you unlimited ways to tweak and customize your look. So if you want a fresh cut that is ideal for the avant-garde modern man, here are some of the glam fohawk fade haircuts to try. See it here.

  1. Fohawk Fade Haircut

Such decorated finishes are superb for those who like clean and smart haircuts. Including a subtle fade at both sides that tapers into your skin gives this look an excellent shape while also coming up with the textural contrast between the short and long hair.

  1. Top-Bulky Fohawk Style

Classic fohawk haircuts always appear to emphasize the hair length at the front. To rock this appealing hairstyle, enhance the length of the style by spiking it up with volumizing gel. Pair it with lustrous taper fade to both sides. This is a ridiculously stylish fohawk hairstyle.

  1. Fid-Fade on Tight Fohawk

This is an ideal haircut for the men who prefer something more conservative. The top hair is neatly styled to give it a vibe of sophistication and classiness. The smooth razor fade makes this haircut edgier. The edginess is what makes this haircut special.

  1. Shiny Hippie Fohawk Hairstyle

Are you looking for a stunningly unique hipster haircut? Give a shot to this sleek textures with smooth fades and sharp trims. This hairstyle combines a polished glam look with expertly styled hair. Incorporating the gradual fades and broken hard parts makes it distinctly punchy.

  1. Brushed Out Fohawk

While messy and wild parted and styled back and stylish textures may be awesome looks, opting to brush out the hair is yet another fantastic way to get a subtle but elegant finish. Matched with sleekly faded sides and sharp edge at the nape, this classic hairstyle has everything you need to flair.

  1. Layers and Spikes

This haircut will rock you only if you have the right length on top. Just enhance it with volumizing gel to boost that stylish bad boy touch. You can also opt for layering and spiking the hair up to give the style a wilder look which appears fabulous when matched with a tapering fohawk fade at the sides.

  1. All-About Punk

This is a typical rocker Mohawk haircut. It is famous for its spiky texture of the sleek hair that is left unshaved at the middle of the head. This haircut is suitable for men with an unquenchable thirst for fashion. The slight side parting of the hair promotes appealing line-ups at the edges.

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