Gormley: Roundabouts on the road and the net

Without a lot revel in with roundabouts or traffic circles, Saskatchewan drivers will be tested with two new roundabouts on a secondary highway close to Regina.

Common for years in Europe, roundabouts have become popular in new suburban neighborhoods where small, single-lane versions manipulate site visitors at intersections.

But for dual carriageway roundabouts, who knows how properly they’ll find paintings with the equal drivers who can’t appear to emerge from an expressway ramp, flip from lane to lane, or do a production quarter zipper merge?

Many human beings recall Saskatoon’s notorious Eighth Street visitors circle, which existed at some stage in the 1970s and regularly saw driving extra similar to a demolition derby.

Many drivers would not yield to the inner or stay outside if taking the next exit. Some even bravely tried using their signal lighting fixtures, to no avail.

Gormley: Roundabouts on the road and the net 13

Here’s hoping Saskatchewan joins the rest of the arena incorrectly with the use of roundabouts.

Last weekend, in any other case, the wholesome young man turned into located useless in an east Regina neighborhood park. When the case becomes deemed “non-crook” with the aid of police, it didn’t take long for public skepticism to form.

The 18-year-antique had been in the park with pals in the nighttime, and when drunkenly walking domestic, he seemingly slipped, which brought about the loaded sawed-off shotgun tucked in his pants too by accident discharge and kill him.

Described via his father as an “accurate child” (they usually are), the young man reputedly omitted his father’s recommendation to “get rid” of the gun.

Everything related to a sawed-off shotgun is illegal — creating one, proudly owning it, carrying it, storing it, and the list is going on.

The preferred weapon of criminals and gangsters, a sawed-off shotgun, is most probably to kill a person being threatened with the aid of it; an innocent bystander could also be shot, or the character the use of it’d shoot himself.

Given those picks, fate and karma intervened. And because the most effective person who could be charged is lifeless, no crook fees may be laid.

But it’s naïve to assume that officials from the street crimes unit, specializing in weapons and gangs, received a look at the weapon, any fingerprints, and some own family and friends.

The articles, blogs, and books began several years on disconnecting from smartphones and the associated emails, social media feeds, and apps.

Beyond the neuroscience of dopamine manufacturing and compulsion loop behavior associated with smartphone use, it’s simply higher to attune ourselves to different humans and, in reality, communicate, connect and empathize.

In addition to house guidelines in many households — no smartphones at the desk and no sleeping with them within the equal room — some human beings take virtual sabbaticals or detoxes.

Recently, Josh Spector, writing at medium.Com, proposed a method to break horrific habits and take lower back control of our lives by habituating better cell phone behavior and sticking to it.

His guidelines are simple and desirable: Stop checking the telephone in the car, at some point of TV advertisements, or whilst status in line. This gives each people the message that we’re at the rate of our very own interest spans, and smartphones need now not be the default.

Keep the cell phone throughout the room when it’s no longer in use, disable all notifications, and positioned the smartphone away after posting something on social media, as now as not to get drawn into watching for a reaction or encouraging unnecessary utilization.

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Josh shows there’s nothing incorrect with random browsing and getting misplaced on the internet, but set a particular time limit, and then the telephone is put away.

One tip I concept beneficial was to install a buffer zone at the start and quit of the day so that checking the cell phone isn’t the primary and ultimate aspect finished each day — take a couple of minutes to begin and seize the day without the cell phone.

Starting an Internet Based Business? Here Are Seven Essential Tips to Set You on the Road to Success

It may also appear a daunting prospect to the uninitiated – going for walks is a brand new task if you have very little enjoyed starting an internet-based totally enterprise.

The idea is immensely appealing; belief operating from domestic, at hours to fit your needs, without clocking in a card, or the boss breathing down your neck? Sound tempting?

Starting a new enterprise can be very beneficial – Virgin, Apple, or even Ford Motor Company started as home-run business ventures. But why accomplish that many businesses fail, regardless of the advantages of the current age of the net and all it has to provide? Mostly because they fail to comply with those who need to understand standards while starting a web-based enterprise.


So many humans are sidetracked by using the opportunity lures of the net; you could keep away from this pitfall by placing apart time and area to devote yourself to your commercial enterprise. Delete that social networking account, block your preferred chat rooms and go away the one’s emails till later – they might not make you wealthy! Concentrate on your new enterprise, and before you understand it, you’ll attain the rewards that preserve you glued to your computer for the right motives!


Starting your personal net business may appear to be an easy experience to riches; however, in truth, like in any commercial enterprise, forward making plans is the important thing to durability. Preparation and research are really critical. Know wherein you’re beginning from, in which you’re going, and where you want your adventure to take you. Without the path, you may in no way find your remaining vacation spot!


Know your goal marketplace properly; discover a niche, and fill it. Again research is fundamental right here. Is the market flooded with comparable agencies to yours? Can you find a new perspective or a unique manner of doing matters? If now not, assume once more. Don’t find or create a product and then search for a marketplace; that is probably one of the most important errors for internet beginners. But alternatively, move the established components, discover a marketplace first with cash wealthy and hungry consumers and find a product to put in front of them! The time spent on research at this stage will obtain rewards in a long time.


This is a recurrent subject – studies. Know your enemy! The internet is awash with opposition. Research your competitors; what do they do well and now not so properly? Learn from their mistakes. Some internet agencies permit clients to depart remarks on their websites. Learn what they do. This brings them income. And how are you going to enhance what they offer? A better price won’t necessarily be possible; however, are you able to offer a ‘more’ that the others can not? Learn all you could approximately the way to make your business higher than all of the others!


;-Competition is most effective a click on away. Look after your consumer; offer honest, clean charge transactions, reply quickly to their emails and be interested and reachable after a sale – the returning purchaser is the most profitable of all. But most importantly, build relationships. A client who thinks of you as a ‘buddy’ can be much happier parting with their tough-earned coins! This is essential in any line of business; however, whilst you’re beginning an internet-based enterprise, you will be first-class.


Many people are so keen to start a web-primarily based enterprise they don’t have a business plan, not to mention any thought as a way to finance it! Don’t get stopped in your tracks before you have even commenced! Okay, many internet groups may be started with at the least capital and run very cheaply – however, what happens in case you all at once want cash to keep the momentum going? It’s now not wasted time to set up a reserve price range available – just in case!

Lastly and probably most importantly…


Many human beings suppose that starting a web enterprise will bring immediate riches and quickly lose heart, whilst this is not the case. Follow those suggestions, be persistent, and decided, and you are halfway there. The lifestyles you simply deserve! If you put in the time and the attempt, beginning your internet-based totally commercial enterprise will be the start of a whole new life.

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