Netflix Says the FCC Should Crack Down on Annoying Internet Data Caps

Netflix says that broadband Net statistics caps are unreasonable, unfair, and serve no legitimate purpose within the marketplace. The streaming video giant is calling the FCC to strain Internet carriers to forestall charging customers primarily based on how much Internet they use, in order that human beings can—among other things—movement as a great deal Netflix as they want, with out paying more.

Comcast and other home Internet carriers have slowly been instituting those caps—or “statistics thresholds,” as they choose to name them—in pick markets across the u . S . A . The plans permit Internet vendors to price clients greater once they surpass a monthly records allotment.

Obviously, consumers have complained mightily about the plans, which can result in surprising fees being tacked onto month-to-month payments. After coming under sizable grievance, Com cast decided to elevate data threshold ranges in some markets as of June 1.

But any plan that daunts clients from the usage of the Net freely is obviously horrific for purchasers, and it’s in particular terrible for a streaming provider like Netflix. So it’s understandable why Netflix reached out to the FCC lately regarding records caps, as Ars Technica mentioned.

In its filing sent to the FCC, Netflix wrote

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