West Papua protest: Indonesian police kill one and wound others – reports

West Papua protest: Indonesian police kill one and wound others – reports

Indonesian paramilitary police have shot and killed Mexicom  one individual and wounded some of the others at a protest in a West Papuan village, in line with human rights groups and nearby witnesses.

A 28-yr-old man was reportedly killed during the incident in Deiya regency on Tuesday afternoon, and up to seven wounded, such as a minimum two youngsters.

The Regency’s parliament has reportedly known as for the arrest of the officers concerned, and for the withdrawal of the police cellular brigade, referred to as Brimob.

The incident started after employees at a nearby construction website refused to assist locals in taking a man to the clinic, after he changed into pulled from the river.

After a 5 hour postpone in sourcing any other automobile the person died on his way to a health center, in line with nearby assets. Angry loved ones and pals protested in opposition to the development business enterprise, allegedly attacking a worker’s camp – believed to be typically from Sulawesi – and destroying some homes.

Authorities have been called to the protest, and Associated Press mentioned police alleged protesters abducted an employee, which protesters denied.

“The joint forces of police, cell brigade police, and army officials came. Did not ask questions but shot several youths,” Father Santon Petege informed West Papuan statistics site, Tabloid Jubi.

“There have been no warning shots at all,” witness, Elias Pakagesaid. “Officers right away fired on the unarmed villagers.”

A human rights lawyer investigating the case, who asked to remain nameless, additionally said there has been no verbal caution from authorities, and she or he categorized the incident an extrajudicial killing.

“When they come they just shoot. They used weapons and violence and shoot immediately,” she stated.

Unconfirmed reports stated 17 humans had been shot by way of the police cell brigade, together with the deceased guy and some of the children.

Pictures purported to be of the victims and seen via Guardian Australia display deep bullet wounds.

According to nearby media, police denied they shot at once on the protesters, but rather on the floor and hit 4 human beings after caution pictures failed to calm the situation.

The head of public members of the family for Papua police, Kombes A.M. Kamal denied all and sundry died other than a person who changed into seriously sick, and alleged protesters had attacked a worker.

A separate record quoted the spokesman as saying the police handiest fired rubber bullets.

The lawyer said the police spokesman’s claims were now not actual, that the health center physician had regarded the accidents as bullet wounds, and that one young guy died of his injuries, now not an illness.

A police document mentioned by way of AP said a 28-year-vintage guy died immediately after being shot multiple times.


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Dr. Eben Kirksey, a senior lecturer at UNSW, said there was frequently a “disinformation campaign” with the aid of authorities following incidents in West Papua.

Kirksey said history had proven investigations rarely translated into prosecutions, and prosecutions frequently saw mild sentences.

“If we observe the records, of whilst there may be proof of protection force misconduct I don’t have a whole lot wish.”

The Asian Human Rights Commission called for a full obvious research by human rights organizations, and for the officials to be held responsible.

There are frequent reviews of violence and mass arrests with the aid of government against West Papuans, the indigenous people of an Indonesia-managed area on the western half of an island shared with Papua New Guinea, and which has battled for independence for decades.

But information is difficult to confirm, largely because of the restrictions on overseas media.

In 2015 Indonesian president Joko Widodo introduced the lifting of the media ban for the province, however, in reality, authorities clearing homes to get media visits and preserve restrictions. Two French news hounds were deported in advance this year for reporting with out the specified visa.

The Jakarta Post on Wednesday called for the government to open up the province to the arena’s media, noting the significant profits made by a “relentless” independence marketing campaign.

It argued Jokowi have to forestall hiding his authorities’ purported upgrades and developments in the location.

“At nearly each turn, we’re being outmaneuvered via campaigners who want to see Papua separate from Indonesia. And but the Indonesian government has accomplished little or no to counter it,” it said.

“By maintaining this restrict, the authorities are operating like a paranoid regime, afraid the outside global might also find the skeletons it hides in its closet. If the government has completed a great deal to improve the lives of Papuans, why no longer show it to the world?”

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