5 Common WordPress Duplicate Content Issues & How to Fix Them

Adam Riemer
Adam Riemer
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WordPress makes existence smooth for small agencies, bloggers, and big news sites. You have exceptional practices robotically implemented in lots of instances like canonical links and there are plugins for practically the whole thing else you need.

With the convenience of publishing content material and designs, you furthermore mght have a brand new problem:

Duplicate content.

Content duplication is a not unusual reason why a WordPress internet site received’t rank. Although it’s exceptional from what we historically know in search engine marketing as replica content material (an precise replication of content material from wording to code), it’s far very comparable and wishes to be addressed.

Here are the 5 most commonplace kinds of duplicate content material problems in WordPress and the way to fix them.

1. Tags
Tags are a big problem for lots WordPress websites. When you tag a piece of writing it creates a unique page this is complete of other content material you sense is relevant.

The web page will function snippets from articles or full articles. If the tag is the same as a class or foremost web page for your center website (assuming it’s not a weblog), you then’ve now created a competitor to that page in your own web page.

Tags are also commonly changed versions of themselves, which creates fairly comparable content material on the way to compete with itself. When this happens, none of the pages will rank and it could probably devalue the website online.

Good information! This is an clean restore.

You can both remove the tags altogether, or you may upload a meta robots noindex dofollow.

The noindex dofollow tag will tell search engines like google this is a thin page however comply with the links and hold to crawl and index my site.

Now search engines will recognize that the page isn’t as useful as others and also you’ve shown them a way to find out your true content material – the individual posts and pages.

2. Categories
Category pages tend to function severa posts and articles like a tag. They’ll have H1 tags which can be the same as the articles, they don’t always answer a query or provide an awesome answer considering the fact that they may be article snippets and they’ll not be exact to show for human beings looking for answers. That is why they’re usually taken into consideration skinny content material.Image result for 5 Common WordPress Duplicate Content Issues & How to Fix Them

There is an exception, although.

Search Engine Journal, for example, is a WordPress internet site wherein the types are dedicated to channels and niches within a channel. A user trying to find records on a channel, in trendy, may also discover a class very beneficial. Because of this, you need to technique it differently than you’ll a tag.

In this example, you add a meta robot index and dofollow tags, however also create specific titles and replica for the category to introduce it – and, if schema is applicable, upload that during as well.

Now you’ve helped to outline the varieties of queries and those to reveal the web page to. You can be rewarded by means of the search engines like google and yahoo for it. Just ensure they aren’t aggressive together with your center internet site pages if you’re a commercial enterprise.

Three. Competing Topics
The next thing that I see whilst auditing WordPress web sites is a lack of specific content material.

Let’s consider meals bloggers. Yes, recipe schema and other things will assist to distinguish the recipes, however what if you aren’t the use of that or didn’t understand within the beginning?

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If you have 20 recipes for chocolate chip cookies, chances are many of them are using comparable wording and ingredients, which is what could be developing opposition. Each recipe is unique and can serve a exclusive reason, but if you don’t positioned within the greater paintings, they will no longer have the ability to expose up because they’re competing with every different.

In this case, you may need to do a class or subcategory for the cookies. If you may’t, revisit them and add modifiers (e.G., highly spiced, savory, chewy, for parties, for huge corporations).

Next, begin adding replica (no longer always to the pinnacle, due to the fact you need to supply the actual recipe quick to the user) about the completed product. Make certain the replica remains applicable to the subject and suggests why, how, and in which it’s miles unique from the others.

Need other examples?

Have you finished a themed present manual or excursion put up? Has anything changed aside from the yr? Mother’s Day craft thoughts? Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for XYZ?

These aren’t unique sufficient. If you have more than one posts, they could all compete.

If you add a 12 months in your title (e.G., 2016, 2017), people can also skip you via in the search engines like google for no longer being relevant this 12 months. That’s where the techniques above can help.

Four. Search Box URLs
I haven’t stumble upon this one as often, but seek containers on WordPress sites might also generate URLs.

If a person externally hyperlinks to the sort of URLs, or if search engines can crawl and locate them, they is probably indexable.Image result for 5 Common WordPress Duplicate Content Issues & How to Fix Them

Although you may try to routinely add a meta robots noindex dofollow like within the tags, that probable doesn’t have you blanketed.

To address this one you want to find the particular identifier that the search field URLs have in common. It’s commonly a “?” after the primary URL.

Now go into your robots.Txt and add a disallow to this parameter. In theory, and if executed correctly, this can help to lessen the skinny or replica content troubles from those.

Five. Other
With systems that automate a number of work and make life easy, different troubles can arise that create replica or skinny content material problems. Look at your site and see if you may have other ones.

They may want to include growing PDF versions of content material for printing which might be additionally indexable, or exchange variations in fees which can be bad for brief posts.

You can also have an RSS feed that posts content pages in preference to snippets and most effective feeding titles or descriptions (I suppose I’ve handiest observed this as soon as, so it isn’t some thing a big problem to worry approximately).


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