Best SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

You may have seen all the best SEO tips everywhere, but I doubt you can find one that can be as comprehensive and updated as this one. It will be constantly updated (if there are going to be any changes) to ensure that the latest SEO tips can be shared with you, and I will place a link within the “SEO” page to ensure that you can easily navigate here.

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SEO Tip 1: Choose Single Or Multiple Keywords – Keyword Sniping Vs. Multi-Key

Decide whether your website is targeting a single keyword or a few keywords. In my opinion, each has its own pros and cons. Single keyword or keyword sniping allows you to focus on one keyword, which means you may have a minimal topic to write about. Working on several keywords might lose your focus, but each keyword can back one another up if they fail Icas Network. Important note: If you choose multiple keywords, make sure your keywords do not belong to different niches. They should belong to the same niche. Otherwise, search engines would be confused about what your website is all about. It makes sense, right?

SEO Tip 2: Choose A Right Keyword – General Terms Vs. Specific Keyword Phrases

Choose a general term, e.g., “SEO,” or a specific keyword phrase, e.g., “daily tips on SEO,” that you wish to optimize for your website. A general term is typically a highly competitive keyword that is difficult to rank high easily in search engines since there are so many competitions. However, a general term would draw more searches. A specific keyword phrase draws lesser searches but drives more targeted traffic. It is recommended to go for a specific keyword phrase for short-term SEO, but for long-term SEO, you may like to invest the time and effort into working on the general term. At this point, I would recommend you go for a specific keyword phrase because the general term market is very much saturated now.

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SEO Tip 3: Add New And Unique Contents Daily

The blog is a great way to add new content to your website daily. Search engines prefer websites that are updated regularly. News has been heard that search engines are now more favorable with website content. To be considered unique, your web page or blog post has to be at least 30% different from any other web page on the internet. Also, remember to create your web page with the keyword(s) you identified in point (2).

SEO Tip 4: Work On Keyword Density But Not Keyword Stuffing

Keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page in proportion to other words. The more times it appears over the total number of words, the greater the overall keyword density. It has been recommended that 3% – 7% of keyword density will drive more traffic to your website without being penalized by search engines. However, stuffing your entire web page with too many keywords will not only get you penalized but drive your readers away too.

SEO Tip 5: Work On Keyword Proximity, Keep The Words Together

It will increase your search engine value if you try to keep the words of your keyword phrase together. For example, the keyword phrase “best SEO tips and secrets” would carry more weight than “best SEO secrets and tips” if you are targeting the keyword “SEO tips.” See the difference? That’s all for Part 1 of “Best SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines.” I will come up with Part 2 of this article pretty soon. Stay tuned for it.

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