4 tips for travelling with a pet

Heading off on vacation and taking your four-legged friend along is certainly the best solution for your pet’s wellbeing. Here are some tips from the TripAdvisor community on how to get organised when travelling with pets.

Pack medical records

When travelling abroad, an electronic microchip is the best option for your pet. This will allow vets or authorities to identify your animal using a worldwide database of contact information, if need be. You should also pack medical records and other important paperwork containing essential information about your pet. If there’s a problem, the vet will need to know your pet’s medical history, such as vaccinations and previous illnesses or surgery.

Pick a soft carrier for the plane

On a long journey by car, remember your pets will need to stretch their legs every so often. Photo: AFPGet a comfortable carry case for your cat or dog when travelling by plane. The journey can be long, so look for a soft bag carrier that’s big enough for your pet to move around in, so they won’t end up going numb.

What’s more, it’s advisable to buy the carrier several weeks before you leave, so that your pet can get used to it and mark it as their territory. Leave the bag out at home for your pet to explore. Before booking a flight, contact the airline to find out whether they carry animals on board. For international travel, your pet will need a passport.
On a long journey by car, remember your pets will need to stretch their legs every so often. Photo: AFP
On a long journey by car, remember your pets will need to stretch their legs every so often. Photo: AFP

Take plenty of breaks on car journeys

Dogs will need to stretch their legs on long journeys, even if there’s plenty of room in the back of the car. During each break, take your dog for a short walk and give your pet a dish of cool water to drink.

Drivers should never put four-legged friends in the trunk, where there won’t be enough fresh air. Plus, it’s been said before, but don’t forget that dogs can die when left locked in hot cars, especially on very sunny, warm days. It really is a matter of life and death. Finally, cats shouldn’t be allowed to roam free inside vehicles, but should always travel inside a suitable carrier.


Keep dogs on leads when out and about

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Dog owners need to keep their four-legged friends on a leash when exploring national parks. For off-leash walks, keep an eye on your pet at all times to foresee any potential problems. Vacations usually mean more trips out and can be more physically demanding for dogs. Let your dog get used to the new pace of life gradually, especially with older dogs or pets who aren’t usually so active. – AFP Relaxnews

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