Blogger must be jailed for naming Tim Worner’s alleged fans, lawyer urges court

Blogger must be jailed for naming Tim Worner’s alleged fans, lawyer urges court

A rogue blogger who published files accusing two on-display screen identities at Network Seven of getting affairs with boss Tim Worner have to be jailed for contempt of courtroom, the attorney acting for the women has urged the Supreme Court.

The ladies, given the pseudonyms Jane Doe 1 and a couple of, had been named by way of blogger Shane Dowling all through the height of the criminal struggle between Mr. Worner and his former lover Amber Harrison.

The ladies strenuously denied the allegations, which have been made by means of Ms. Harrison in prison documents. Their names were suppressed via the court docket.

Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison discovered Dowling responsible on March 15 of contempt of court after he flouted courtroom orders to eliminate the names of the ladies from his website and refrain from republishing the allegations.

At a sentencing listening to on Friday, the ladies’ barrister, Kieran Smark, SC, said Dowling had acted in “defiance” of the court’s orders and a jail sentence turned into the simplest suitable penalty.

Any different order became “a waste of all of us’s time” because Dowling had proven a disinclination to be certain by using the courtroom’s orders, Mr. Smark said.

He said Dowling had displayed a “degree of savor” in flouting the orders and had posted fresh fabric for the reason that orders were made

Dowling did no longer seem in the court docket, however, had filed written submissions earlier than the hearing.

“I do not know what to make of them,” Justice Ian Harrison stated, describing them as “particularly discursive and garbled”.

Dowling writes in the submissions that he has completed “nothing more than any journalist does normal [sic] around the country”, as the ladies’ names “had been in criminal files”.

He said he became “taking a stand in opposition to … Dodgy suppression orders”.

Dowling stated the case “turned into a massive unfastened speech, political conversation and public hobby be counted”.

“If Australian courts are going to jail or penalize journalists for doing not anything extra than reporting the information then Australia isn’t any better than China or Russia,” he said.

Justice Harrison stated a transcript of the hearing would be sent to Dowling so that he ought to reply in writing to Mr. Smark’s submissions.

Dowling has until August four to make further submissions.

On Monday, Ms. Harrison changed into ordered to pay Seven’s legal charges after she agreed to post to an everlasting gag order preventing her from speaking publicly approximately the agency or her 18-month affair with Mr. Worner.

Justice John Sackar said Ms. Harrison’s conduct was “unreasonable” and it changed into “vital and appropriate” to reserve her to pay Seven’s charges on an indemnity basis, that’s better than the charges usually presented in prison disputes and would cover its complete bill.

Should Victims of Online Reputation Attacks And Online Intimidation Report To The Police?


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Victims of on line popularity attacks and on line intimidation must take their cases to the High Court instead of reporting them to the police.

In a current court case wherein a medical institution administrator became the first man inside the UK to be jailed for stalking a female through blogs, the authorities have dispatched a robust message to all individuals who wrongly agree with that the net is a lawless land in which stalking, bullying, harassment, defamation, and blackmail are a truthful game and have confirmed that online harassment shall now not be tolerated in our society.


In a case which becomes heard via a Magistrate Court in Manchester, it turned into alleged that a 38 12 months antique man continuously attacked his woman victim through the use of no less than 35 internet site blogs wherein he, again and again, insulted her, inflicting her disappointed and reputational damage. The man also used emails to harass his sufferers in addition to social networking sites including Facebook.

It isn’t unexpected in any respect that it took the authorities 18 months before the person was sooner or later jailed. By this time, his sufferer needs to have been completely destroyed mentally and emotionally. Her self-belief ought to have been shattered and she agrees with in human beings would be replaced with cynicism and weariness. Had this hate campaign been conducted offline, I have no doubt that the government would have acted a great deal quicker to convey it to a halt.

By the time the culprit becomes jailed, he had already appeared in court docket on a number of events. On one event, after he admitted harassment, an order turned into made in opposition to him to refrain from mentioning his sufferer’s call on any websites. Again, it appears it took a while earlier than this very restricted courtroom order was made or even longer, earlier than breaches had been handled.

It may be very probably, that had this been a case of domestic harassment, where extra conventional techniques of harassment had been getting used, the sufferer could have been relieved from her ache tons, lots earlier. It seems that the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Magistrates’ Courts are not but ready to efficiently address these sorts of online harassment cases. The civil courts, however, are a good deal quicker to behave in reaction to online harassment instances with injunctions being granted inside days as opposed to months and years. Victims of online harassment should be clever to take their instances to the High Court where solicitors can achieve a far extra comprehensive injunction on their behalf within 48 hours. There is not any need for victims of online harassment to suffer for this kind of a long time before the harassment is stopped.

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