Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a mod for the Xbox Live Arcade that combines the fighting genre with an array of robots. The players take on the role of either a boxer or an opponent and must beat their opponent using various punches, kicks, throws, and other moves. The game’s plot is that six fighters are assembled by the villain Dr. Darkkan to fight the Xel’age, who seeks to unite the six realms of earth. It’s clear from the name what this fighting game will be like as it combines the best of both arcade styles and fighting games.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

The player starts in a small garage where they can see the action through the apartment window. The screen is split into three main areas where punches, kicks, throws, and other moves can be executed in real-time. The top part of the screen has a score counter, which updates as your opponent takes damage. When either boxer connects with their punches or kicks, they will cause a screen shake, and the screen will move slightly lower as proof of the 3D effects. The bottom half of the screen has health bars that move and flashlights underneath the boxers as they execute their moves.

There are several characters to choose from in this game, including Dr. Darkkan, Kip Mansell, Kishimoto, Rocky Balboa, and Diego. Upon entering the ring, the first thing you’ll notice is that the screen shakes slightly as you punch and kick. The goal in beating your opponent is to become the world’s number one pound-in-a-minute. There are four stages to the game: the Garage, Practice Stage, Street Stage, and the Grand Prix Finals. There are also five power-ups that, when used, will turn one of your opponents’ punches into a power punch that causes extra damage.

Along the way, you’ll also find various tools which will allow you to cause extra damage to your opponents. When your opponent hits you in battle, the screen shakes, and the music stops. You can counter by hitting your opponent with a power punch, and the screen shakes once more. Each punch has its own sound, and it depends on which punch your opponent is using. This type of game is amusing and a lot of fun to play. Even my eight-year-old son keeps asking when we’re going to try Robot Boxing.

To play, you have to input the coordinates of where you want to fight into the game’s code. Once that is done, you click on the screen to start the match. There are a variety of controls depending on which character you are playing as. It is possible to switch between them at any time during the fight.

This game is very colorful and a lot of fun to play. When you win about, the screen shows you how much money was wagered on that fight, how many points were earned, and the amount of time left for the next bout. If you lose, you will be shown the amount of money you would have won. If you are on a winning streak, you get a special emblem on your screen representing your success, and you can also customize your fists so they look really cool. Overall, Robot Boxing is a really cool game that will provide entertainment for kids and adults for many years to come.

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