Mac Mini User Guide

First steps

  • Unpacking
  • Your box contains
  • a Mac mini
  • a power adaptor
  • a power cord
  • an Apple Remote
  • a DVI to VGA adaptor

Basic features

On the front of your Mac mini is a slot-loading optical drive. The built-in infrared (IR) receiver lies to the right of the slot, and the power indicator light is at the bottom right-hand corner. At the back of the Mac mini, you have two rows of features. Along the top row, from left to right, are

ipad_air_2_mini_3boxes.jpg (1584×1120)

  • the power button
  • a security slot for a cable and lock
  • audio in/optical digital audio in port
  • a headphone out/optical digital audio out port
  • Along the bottom row, from left to right, are
  • a power port
  • an Ethernet port (10/100/1000Base-T)
  • a FireWire 400 port
  • a DVI video out port
  • four USB 2.0 ports

AirPort Extreme wireless Folk Fest technology and Bluetooth® wireless technology are inside your Mac mini.

Power adaptor

Strip away the plastic film from your Mac mini and the power adaptor. Place the Mac mini on a firm surface right side up or its side and close to an electric socket. Your monitor, keyboard, and mouse should also be near at hand.

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Connect the power cord to the power adaptor

  • Put the plug on the end of the power adaptor’s lead into the Mac mini’s power port.
  • Plug the power cord into the electric socket
  • Please note: never place anything on your Mac mini. Objects on your Mac mini may disrupt the optical drive, the AirPort Extreme wireless signal, and the Bluetooth® wireless signal.
  • Peripheral set-up
  • Your Mac mini is BYODKM – bring your own display, keyboard, and mouse. Use the ones you already have (almost any are suitable).
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Connect your keyboard to a USB port on the back of the Mac mini. Connect your mouse to a USB port on the keyboard or the Mac mini.
  • Windows-based keyboards may not have specific Mac OS X Command and Option keys. The Windows logo key, however, is
  • equivalent to the Mac OS X Command key, and the Alt key is equivalent to the Mac OS X Option key.

To modify the keyboard

  • click Apple>System Preferences
  • Click Keyboard & Mouse
  • choose Modifier keys
  • follow the screen instructions

Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse If you have an Apple Wireless Keyboard and wireless Mighty Mouse, follow the set-up procedures contained in the appropriate manuals. Please note: when you use a USB keyboard and mouse made by a company other than Apple, you may need software drivers. If you don’t already have these, visit the manufacturer’s website and download them.


Use your Mac mini’s DVI video out port to connect a monitor. If you have a VGA monitor, connect it to the Mac mini with the supplied DVI to the VGA adaptor.

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