Turn your Mac or PC right into a cheap and easy Apple TV

you have an old iMac mendacity around — or any Mac or PC for that count — you may repurpose it as a reasonably-priced alternative to an Apple TV so that you can circulate your iPhone or Android cellphone to its larger display.

All you want is the Reflector 2 app, which is a whole lot less expensive than going out and buying an Apple TV. With the app, you could fast connection to your computer’s display for viewing snap shots or videos or simply mirroring your smartphone’s display.

I used the Mac app, however, there are variations of Reflector 2 for Windows, Android and Amazon Fire TV. The app works with Google Cast in addition to Apple AirPlay.

Reflector 2 setup

Download and installation the Reflector 2 app. It fees $15 (about £12 or AU$19) and you could strive before you buy with a unfastened, seven-day trial. You don’t want to install anything more to your iPhone.

With the Reflector 2 going for walks in your computer and it and your iPhone related to the equal Wi-Fi network, you absolutely want to swipe up in your iPhone for the Control Center and then locate the laptop jogging Reflector 2 in the AirPlay menu. The app mirrors your iPhone’s display but is wise enough to replace to a larger, resizable window when you are viewing pix or watching a video.

On a Mac, Reflector 2 provides an icon to the menu bar in which you may hit an eject button to disconnect. (You also can disconnect using the AirPlay menu inside the Control Center in your iPhone.) The menu-bar window also gives buttons to record your show and flow to YouTube Live. For screen mirroring, you can pick an iPhone frame to add a little polish.

In Reflector 2’s Preferences, you can choose a default resolution for AirPlay and password protect your connection on the Connection tab. On the General tab, I grew to become off the placing for Show Client Name, which eliminates the header on the top of the Reflector 2 window that functions the name of the device to which it’s far connected.

Tivo vs Apple TV – What’s the Big Difference?

Two of the newest and maximum famous innovations in the tv viewing world is Tivo and Apple TV. Tivo is the oldest of these two improvements and is especially famous. Many people these days either have a Tivo or a digital video recorder box of a distinctive brand call. The capabilities of Tivo are handy and clean to use. You can pause live TV so that you may not omit a thing. You can agenda recordings and even document multiple programs right away. Your recorded packages are digitally saved without the want for any tapes or disks. You can get right to entry to and control your recorded objects with the touch of a button.

Then there may be Apple TV. Apple TV hooks up to your television and computer and allows you to get entry into your iTunes library right on your TV display screen. You can listen to the song, view digital images, watch television shows, podcasts, Internet motion pictures and films. The difference among Apple TV and Tivo is that with Apple TV, you should down load your substances from iTunes. With Tivo, you get your material from your cable tv company. Some human beings love Apple TV, while others feel it will never take the area of cable. This is why some human beings have the first-class of both worlds and experience each an Apple TV and Tivo on their television.

One of the benefits to Tivo, except its capabilities, is its price. You can get a Tivo container for a very reasonable monthly price, depending on what size garage you choose. There are 80-hour, a hundred and eighty-hour and three hundred-hour bins available. Your local cable tv company can fill you in on the pricing plans they offer. Apple TV, then again, is a bit more pricey. You can very own an Apple TV container for around $299. It comes with a forty GB difficult pressure, wifi and the Apple far off.


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Whether or no longer you need to pick the Tivo or the Apple TV is a matter of personal desire. It all depends on which functions you deem more useful and what kind of you’re willing to spend. Some customers just like the Tivo for its compatibility with cable tv, even as others enjoy Apple TV because they are able to view their iTunes series on a large display screen tv in place of a small pc display. Both picks actually have plenty of features and advantages to provide modern day viewers.

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