Why Europe’s New Copyright Proposals Are Bad News for the Internet

His proposals aren’t simply bad for Google but everybody. There’s plenty to like approximately the copyright proposals that the EU Commission unveiled Wednesday—less difficult access to video across the EU’s inner borders, more copyright exceptions for researchers, and greater get right of entry to books for blind humans. But, two factors especially can be disastrous if executed as proposed. One would make it extra hard for small information guides to project legacy media giants, and the opposite would threaten the existence of user-generated content structures.

Why Europe's New Copyright Proposals Are Bad News for the Internet 13

In a way, it’s suitable that digital commissioner Günther Oettinger has subsequently laid his cards at the table. However, the battles that begin now can be epic. The first contentious inspiration is the advent of so-called rights for press publishers, also known as ancillary copyright. The pass sounds pretty difficult to understand. However, it isn’t. Lots as it’s far possible for someone to get rewarded for appearing a piece—instead of writing it, which entails copyright—publishers could get to command costs for the stuff their writers write, based totally their very own (new) rights rather than the copyright held by way of the journalist.

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