Cape Watch: The Internet Has Picked a Robin for the New Batman Movie

Cape Watch: The Internet Has Picked a Robin for the New Batman Movie

IF Not anything ELSE, 2016 might be remembered as a yr of grand revelations for superhero movies. As an awful lot as they were seriously savaged, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad have validated that there virtually is a DC cinematic universe to speak approximately, and even if X-Men: Apocalypse disillusioned, Deadpool made humans consider in Fox’s X-Guys franchise again. With Physician Peculiar mendacity beforehand this 12 months, it’s safe to say that the genre is in pretty excellent form notwithstanding every body’s worries… but allow’s look to the future to see if we need to keep demanding, shall we?

Exceptional Idea: Holy Surprising Audition Tapes, Batman!
It’s unknown whether or now not Ben Affleck’s Batman film will characteristic a Robin, but if it does, the Net knows who ought to play the component. let’s visit the tape.
Sure, that’s Large Hero 6′s Ryan Potter, and he isn’t just seeking to convince human beings that he has the chops to play Robin, he even is aware of which Robin he wants to play: Tim Drake, the third individual to take on the identification in DC’s mainline continuity. He has to certainly check out the modern-day problem of Detective Comics before he gets too invested in that Idea, though.

Why this is Extremely good: In less than a minute, Potter manages to make the Idea of bringing Robin to the Large screen. Hiya Warner Bros., perhaps you need to supply him a bit extra of an audition before too lengthy, particularly now that we recognise that Joe Manganiello will play important villain Deathstroke inside the movie.

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