Popular Thai expat blogger stocks problems renewing visa

Popular Thai expat blogger stocks problems renewing visa

Popular expat blogger Richard Barrow has shared his problems in looking to renew his visa’s extension of stay. Richard lower back to Samut Prakan immigration ultimate Friday to acquire his annual extension. But he turned into advised that Bangkok hadn’t but authorized his application.

Samut Prakan Immigration gave him a 7-day extension and informed him to return again subsequent week. He has shared his woes on his Facebook page.

“I’ve lived in Thailand for twenty-five years. I’ve spent most of my lifestyles right here. But that is what I should undergo every yr.”

Richard reviews that when he back to work later that day, there was an Immigration Police automobile parked outdoor. He says officers from Chaeng Wattana in Bangkok visited him at his place of work to impeach him.

“They had my utility with them which explained why Samut Prakan Immigration hadn’t obtained the verdict but. They didn’t supply any indication as to whether or not there was a hassle or whether they had been happy with the inspection.”

Richard has currently been a vocal supporter of the campaign calling for TM30 to be abolished or changed.

The Thaiger also supports reform and amendment of the TM30 shape. The current enforcement is inconsistent, open to corruption, interpretation and is complicated to expats and foreigners.

“Not the exceptional of days for me. As you can do not forget, today became the day for me to head again to Samut Prakan Immigration to hear the decision as to whether or not my software to stay in Thailand for any other year has been accepted. This is something I have to undergo every 12 months. I arrived at Immigration, most effective to be told that Bangkok hasn’t approved my application yet. As my visa extension expires these days, they kindly prolonged my life for one greater week. They stated I should go back next Friday to pay attention the decision of my application. Read the relaxation of his post HERE.

His put up had a flood of vast support with almost 700 ‘likes’ and 130 stocks…

“Well right luck mate! But don’t hold your breath! They don’t like foreigners getting cash and strolling corporations here.”

“You are not on my own; we’re all being driven to our limits. Chok dee.”

“Very sad this is taking place to you mate. My fingers are crossed for a wonderful outcome for you.”

“They are clearly making it difficult for us, so much so that a number of us just don’t want to live right here anymore. But as some of us are required to live right here for a specific motive it’s no longer so easy as once changed into. Plus the baht is so high, plus in my case, the Aussie dollar is sooooooo low lifestyles simply isn’t clean in the intervening time.”

The Thaiger wishes Richard the nice. His blogs are a deep and captivating resource about the lifestyles of an expat in Thailand and are well really worth following.

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