Understanding Beauty

Beauty is a phenomenal concept that is as old as humanity. Yet, it is a concept that is very misunderstood. Different individuals listen to such diverse views of what beauty entails that many ends up confused, frustrated, and frankly give up. What would you say if someone were to walk right up to you and ask you to define beauty? Would you start describing a cover model you saw in one of the popular magazines or colors of the rainbow? Or would you consider a soft melodious piece of music or even a romantic verse from a lover? All these can be defined within the concept of beauty, but one clear thing, there is no clear definition of beauty. Beauty is something abstract and intangible. It is something about something. This something about something will vary from individual to individual. A popular definition of beauty is that it is a characteristic of something that gives pleasure and satisfaction. Therefore for beauty to be perceived, it must stimulate the senses to evoke a feeling of joy, pleasure, and satisfaction. From this definition, the judge of what’s beautiful is the person who receives or fails to receive the pleasure.

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How is this sensuous beauty applicable among human beings? What makes one be considered beautiful? Is a person considered beautiful necessarily attractive? These are complex questions that do not have a direct answer. The way many factors influence the societies we live in view beauty. First of all, there are cultural factors. In the past, each culture had distinct criteria upon which they based beauty. There are those cultures that considered plump women to be beautiful. Therefore fattening of maidens before marriage was a common practice. Others considered small feet to be beautiful. These have, however, changed a lot in modern times. With the advancement of technology and human interaction, the differences in cultural preferences have been minimized, and we now almost have a standard way of viewing beauty.

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This is greatly influenced by the parameters set by top fashion houses. The images they project to the public, from the dress, walking style, and physique, have increasingly become the trend that the remainder of the World is expected to follow. But is what we see on the Catwalk the true representation of beauty? Thankfully, no. Human beauty is so rich in variety that we can have no set parameters to define it. One cannot authoritatively say small is beautiful, blonde is beautiful, slim is beautiful, green eyes are beautiful, etc., and condemn other characteristics. There is no standard of beauty, and each individual is beautiful in their own way. There may only be prejudices as a result of the society around the individual. For this reason, you would find a man married to a blonde having an affair with a brunette or a lady of oriental or African descent. They are simply beautiful, and the man cannot resist!

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So, if we are all beautiful, what then is the big deal? Is there any reason to bother or care about how we look? Yes, there is! It would help if you certainly took the keenest interest in how you look. We live in a complex and highly socialized world. The image of beauty has become highly commercialized. Nonconformity is risking rejection. Studies have shown that what is considered beautiful has a halo effect. A beautiful person will receive more attention, score higher marks in class, get more assistance, get a better job, be paid more, and be trusted more. Coincidentally, people who are considered beautiful are better adjusted, confident, and appear more intelligent. Therefore, beauty plays a key role in how we relate with others and how we choose our mates. It is, therefore, a responsible thing for us to ensure that we are beautiful. How do we do this?

Since we have established that beauty is about evoking feelings of pleasure and satisfaction in other people, we must aim to ensure that people are pleased with what they see when they look at us. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We must strive to strengthen our strengths and mask our weaknesses. The aim is not to be the most beautiful person around. That is futile in that there is no such most beautiful person. The aim is to ensure we are presentable and acceptable in the society we live in. This will enhance our self-confidence and of course our health. In Beauty and Health for Happiness, we will discuss tips on enhancing our beauty and health. But first, we must observe the following fundamental beauty tips.

Accept yourself the way you are and know that you are beautiful in your own unique way. This is the first step in enhancing your beauty and health, making it shine all around you. Develop healthy habits. Beauty and health are inseparable. Among the many characteristics contributing to overall beauty are health and youthfulness. You must have a healthy body, healthy skin, eyes, good breath, healthy teeth, etc. Therefore, you must have a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and consult your doctor whenever necessary. Identify suitable products that you can use to strengthen your strengths and mask your weaknesses. These include moisturizers, creams, perfumes and hair products, etc.

Make a plan and start.

Beauty is a concept that plays a major role in our lives and affects how we socialize and compete within the society we live in. There is no correct version of beauty, and all of us are beautiful in our own way. Our perceptions of beauty are influenced by the society we live in and the modern commercialization of beauty. You, however, need not follow what you see in commercials. You can instead make a point of improving how you present yourself to others, and in the process, enhance your beauty and health. Failure to understand the concept of beauty can leave one overwhelmed and exasperated. However, this need not be so. A simple understanding restores the confidence and self-esteem required to face each day.

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