Most Neglected Home Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Miss

Major repairs always creep up on us when we least expect it. Before you know it, something gives out at the worst possible time and can cost a fortune to fix or replace. The good news is that it doesn’t have to get to that point. Out of sight, out of mind” applies to things te should do, but it never crosses our minds until it is too late. Here are some crucial home maintenance tasks that we can’t afford to miss (literally). Instead of letting it happen to you, tackle these chores and take control by being on top of your game.

Most Neglected Home Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Miss 13

Roof Inspection

You would think that we would take care of the essential part of our house. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t pay attention to it until sthere are igns of problems such as leaks or missing shingles. According to Dominion Roofing, there are three other vital components of the roofing system that needs to be checked periodically: soffits, fascia, and eavestroughs.

After installation, a professional inspects the roof for ifor10 years, and then every few years afterward, by yourself, you can also do a quick search for any weak spots or minor repairs before they become more severe.

Clear Coils and Vents

All home appliances with coils and vents are easy to forget but can cause the apparatus to break down. This fact holds especially true for heating/AC devices – they tend to stop working when you most need them.

When coils and vents accumulate dust, cobwebs, and debris, it causes the appliances to work harder. That uses more energy and shortens their lifespan until it stops functioning altogether. Clogged vents are dangerous – a backed-up dryer vent could start a fire.

Test the Sump Pump

Sump pumps are your ultimate defense against water damage in your basement, crawl space, or foundation. If you forget to test your sump pump, the flood you will cause when you return from the weekend will remind you. Neglecting your water sump can lead to amanyother damages, such as wood rot, mold, and rust.

It helps if your pump has a vertical float switch or an automated water leak detection device. Test it by dumping water into it to mensureeverything is in order. The sump pump should be checked twice a year, and the best times to do it are before seasons of heavy rain in your region.

Check Water Pressure

AIt is often overlooked aseasy as it is to check for high water pressure, High water pressure can harm pipes, connections, and appliances. Pressure-reducing valves and gauges are usually located near the main water shutoff. It can be attached to a laundry faucet or another water source in your home.

If your pressure-reducing valve isn’t working, switching it out can make a difference. Checking the water pressure can also avoid wasting water or eliminate the risk of a water hammer.

Most Neglected Home Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Miss 14

Check and Clean Windows

We use windows daily, but it needs much more than regular cleaning. When wthe basement window wellsare neglected, the water cannot drain. The water level can cause the window to break due to the pressure. Most insurance policies do not cover floods, so keep those window wells clean with a cover from your local home center.

Sliding windows have to weep holes located in the exterior lower frame. Weep holes are made to drain water from the window track. If it gets clogged with bugs or dirt, it can no longer keep rainwater outsideourr the house. Clear the weep holes using a wire or compressed air. Replace the flapper if it is completely stuck.

Garage Door Spring Maintenance

Not only will keeping your garage in check expand its lifespan, but it will also keep everyone safe while it is in use. Garage door springs are prone to metal fatigue and corrosion, so they should be lubricated once a year to expand their service. Don’t forget to lube the rollers, hinges, and track.

Then, check the garage door balance by manually opening it halfway and letting go: it should remain halfway. If the door falls, the tension needs to be increased. However, if the door rises back up, the spring has too much resistance, making the garage door work more than it should.

Taking Preventative Measures

Maintaining your home will give you a better sense of what and when things need to be replaced. Even if you cannot avoid a large, expensive repair, it will help you when you have to call your home insurance. Not neglecting parts of your home can save you hundreds down the line.

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