How good can an inexpensive mechanical keyboard be?

A keyboard is a quite critical tool to all and sundry here at Cellular International locations. We make our living through typing on one. And, of the route, many of us enjoy some time WASDing our manner through a game or two. In other phrases, all of us appreciate an excellent mechanical keyboard.

Aukey lately despatched me their 104-key KM-G3 mechanical keyboard to look at and percentage what I thought. As success would have it (or maybe Amazon can study minds), I was within the market for a brand new keyboard due to the fact I would have ruined the one I have used and loved for years — aluminum and plastic will bend and splinter in case you do silly such things as strolling over it with a wheelchair. I have been the use of the Aukey every day for some weeks.

redradgon.jpg (1434×809)

The Aukey (that’s what I will be calling the Aukey KM-G3 because I’m not typing Aukey KM-G3 extra times than virtually important) is rather nicely built for a $70 keyboard. Sure, I see a number of you rolling your eyes at paying $70 for a keyboard, but mechanical keyboards — properly ones, besides — are not cheap. There is lots of plastic. However, the face is decently thick brushed aluminum with precise cutouts for every transfer. The faceplate, circuit board, and plastic housing are held together with four Torx head bolts and plastic latches, and the whole thing fits well. You won’t find any rough or sharp plastic edges poking out everywhere.

Key Life 50 million strokes

  • Current 500 mA
  • Running Voltage +5 volts, +/- 5%
  • Weight 850 grams
  • Dimensions 43.7 x 12.8 x 3.6 centimeters
  • Cable length 180 centimeters

Like many people who bang on a keyboard for a residing, I have gotten used to using Cherry MX Blue switches. The switches are Outemu Blues. At the same time as no longer ideal for gaming, the comments and click are top-notch for typing a few thousand words (for every person, however, my spouse in the different room, this is), and blue switches seem to strike the nice balance for folks who game and do other stuff. After using the Aukey for a pair of weeks, I’ve decided I just like the Outemu’s better.

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