From WordPress to Apple News, Instant Articles, and AMP

From WordPress to Apple News, Instant Articles, and AMP

Apple: Ship us your content in our unique layout and we’ll make it available in Apple Information and greater humans will study it and be satisfied together with your logo… wink.

Google: Link up this JavaScript library and format your content material on this unique way, and we’ll hook you up in search effects… wink.

Facebook: layout your content in our unique manner and Send it over and it’s going to load exquisite fast and those will like it and be glad along with your emblem… wink.

Me: Howdy, something you need. As long as…

facebook-instant-articles-wordpress.jpg (1312×738)

It’s not very a great deal paintings
The content’s canonical home is my internet site
I just want humans to study and prefer CSS-Tricks. Preferably I will monetize on (good, curated) backed content that makes its manner to some of these channels anyway.


There’s a WordPress plugin: Put up to Apple Information. It formats your content automatically into the “Apple News format” (which is genuinely JSON!).

However so that you can in reality Put up that JSON to Apple Information, you’ll need to join up as an Information Writer. It’ll possibly take a touch time to get accredited, But I imagine any midway decent blog will be. I’ve visible a few quite garbagey stuff on Apple News so I don’t assume the standards are very excessive. I suppose it took about per week for CSS-Tricks.

After you’re accredited, you manage the entirety through the iCloud website. You can add team members, add branding pictures, set up the advertising, see analytics, and such things as that.


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