Feast Your Eyes on Janelle Monáe’s ‘Dirty Computer’ Emotion Picture

After weeks of teasing the maximum constantly luxurious visuals any artist has launched this yr, Janelle Monáe nowadays launched her album Dirty Computer and its accompanying 48-minute film, which she’s very well dubbed an ‘Emotion Picture.’ The film is packed full of visuals we have seen before (in conjunction with tracks from the album), as well as some new treats (Monáe’s many outfit modifications are one of the many highlights.) It’s threaded through with a narrative as compelling as something you may see in a film theatre, telling the story of “a younger lady named Jane 57821 who are dwelling in a totalitarian close to-destiny society wherein citizens are referred to as ‘computer systems.'”

Feast Your Eyes on Janelle Monáe's 'Dirty Computer' Emotion Picture 12

This imaginative premise, its wonderful execution, and the fascinatingly numerous sounds of Dirty Computer that soundtrack it all cements Monáe’s function as one of the whole track enterprise’s main innovators. At this factor, it is tough to see her as anything aside from a complete visionary who blends a couple of genres to execute a sound and aesthetic which can be immediately recognizable as hers. Some might name her a legend in the making, but Dirty Computer shows that Janelle Monáe is already at the GOAT stage in each film and album form.

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