Don’t Have Time to Travel to Your Favourite Destination This Year? Think Again

Believe it or not, our life revolves around travel every day! When we think of the word “travel,” we would normally think about exotic vacations, airplanes, road trips, our dream travel destinations, all-inclusive hotels on a tropical island, you name it! Traveling is simply moving from point A to point B. This includes but is not limited to traveling to work, traveling to school, or even traveling to a destination a few blocks away from our home.

Don't Have Time to Travel to Your Favourite Destination This Year? Think Again 13

Humans and animals travel for various reasons. During the wintertime, some birds, such as the Canadian geese, travel south to far as Mexico to escape the cold (humans do that too!), we as humans travel to work to make ends meet, and the list can go on forever. Not to mention, we travel to other places on this planet to temporarily escape our chaotic environments, then we come back to it rejuvenated. Sometimes we even travel permanently to other destinations for various reasons such as seeking a “better life,” reuniting with family, and taking up a new job offer.

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Just about everyone has their own dream travel destination. Many people in developing countries dream about traveling to the USA to taste the American dream; many people from developed cold countries dream about traveling to tropical countries such as Jamaica to taste at least two weeks of sunshine, and many others from various regions around the globe dream about exploring other countries that are known to have extraordinary sceneries.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t get a chance to fulfill our travel dreams in our lifetime for various reasons such as lack of finances, can’t get the time off from work, or just simply having to fulfill other commitments. These common excuses mentioned here are all understandable; however, the truth is you can still fulfill your travel dreams if you work hard at them. The question I have for you is, “How important are these travel dreams to you?” If your dream travel destination doesn’t have any form of priority in your life, don’t expect to be going anywhere soon! Yes, I would certainly encourage you to be realistic with your finances and resources simultaneously. If you really want to go on that trip that you dreamed about all your life, make it happen!

Start planning with your family about the family travel plans. If you plan at least 1-2 years in advance, you can make it happen (depending on where you’re traveling). For example, if you’re planning an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean for a family of four and save at least $200 US or more a month, you’ll be amazed to see how much you’ll end up by the end of the year!

You may say, “I can’t afford this,” but think about all the unnecessary things that you’re purchasing and add up how much you can be saving and who knows, you and your family can be able to fulfill that travel dream in less than a year! By saving up from now, you can pay for that vacation with cash without going into debt if you start saving now. Yes, it’s going to take some sacrifice, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. It’s good to also plan with your boss when you want to take time off from work. If you own your own business, plan ahead of time to set aside some days off from work.

Did you know that there are some benefits to traveling? Education may be the first benefit. Yes, traveling can also be a learning experience. A developed country who travels to a developing country may learn how to complain less and appreciate life more in his own developed country. A person from a developing country who travels to a developed country will learn that he can have a “better life” in another environment though this may not be true all the time.

Traveling to other nations may allow you to discover developmental and business opportunities. If you’re an entrepreneur or investor on vacation in another country, you may learn about some investment opportunities that may come with great rewards.

Traveling may be a good time to get to know your friends and family much better. Not to mention again, it’s one of the best opportunities to relax and escape the stressful world for a while. I enjoy traveling myself, and I also enjoy encourage people to travel to other places, and even locally. My traveling experience has taught me that there is much more to life than I thought before. In other words, my view of life has changed for the better.

Happy New Year to you! I hope that you, your family or friends, would fulfill the travel dreams you have in mind during this year. Remember, your traveling journey starts now by implementing the plans. All the best! Marlon S. March is a personal travel consultant to Jamaica and is the author of [] – a website born out of his passion. It offers tips and information about what you should know about Jamaica before traveling there. Perhaps you have a passion or hobby such as traveling you’d like to write about. Discover how to turn it into a profitable Web site as Marlon has.

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