You can now make Alexa your default assistant on Android

Android telephones permit greater flexibility with voice assistants than Apple’s iPhone, supplying you with the liberty to choose the specific helper that solutions the call each time you deliver the home button an extended press. Alternatives like Microsoft’s Cortana were already available to play with — however, now, Amazon’s Alexa is inside the mix, too.

Amazon-Alexa-pixel Enlarge Image Android users can now swap Alexa in as their default voice assistant.

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First spotted on Reddit and collected employing SlashGear, we have been able to confirm that the new characteristic works on Google’s personal Pixel and Pixel 2 telephones and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. That’s noteworthy given the long-simmering tensions between the search large and Amazon, the latter leaving Google products like the Chromecast media streamer or the Google Home smart speaker out of its shop. Google, in return, has limited Amazon’s get entry to YouTube on its Fire TV streamers and on the touchscreen-prepared Amazon Echo Show (the devices can access YouTube, but through browser-based interfaces, no longer native apps). Still, that hasn’t stopped Google from allowing Alexa into the Android universe.

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To allow her, you will want to have the Alexa app established for your tool. From there, navigate to “Assist app” for your device settings and choose “Amazon Alexa.” Just realize that this can only make Alexa the default lengthy press assistant — you may nevertheless get the Google Assistant whilst you say “OK Google” (and your phone may not awaken while you say “Alexa,” either). It’s currently unclear if this is tied to a selected software program launch or a fixed list of devices.

Google hasn’t again our request for rationalization, but — we’ll replace this space when we pay attention again. Today, there are hundreds of sorts of phones to select from – and if you don’t know the distinction between Androids and iPhones, it becomes even more difficult to select. There are some foremost differences between them to push human beings into one camp or the alternative commonly, or at the least, make a more informed decision about your cellular smartphone.


Because the simplest organization to make iPhones, Apple has terrific hardware and, therefore, a high-quality quality on all their phones. Their services are restrained and consequently simpler to pick out from-iPhone 5,6,7 etc. Android, however, has a huge variety of alternatives considering they allow many cellphone makers to utilize their software program, inclusive of Motorola, LG, Samsung, and HTC. However, because there’s a lot of preference, that will increase the range in nice from Androids, from fundamental, low fine phones to top-class excessive exceptional ones.

Integration with other devices

Now, this depends on the other devices you’ve got as well. If you’ve got an Apple laptop and an iPad, an iPhone might be the plain desire because they integrate properly collectively, sharing apps, iMessage, pix, and greater among them. With Android, you do not obtain unified enjoyment because there are so many manufacturers. However, Google’s services may even switch across your Android devices.

Intelligence assistant

Siri, the iPhone assistant, is widely known for her potential to perform easy responsibilities, one of these creating reminds or answering questions. However, the assistant for Android, GoogleNow, has the advantage over Siri with its complete access to Google’s information about each of you and the arena to absolutely help you.

User revel in

The iPhone is easy to use, has a high first-rate, works well, and has the apps you need. Your use of the iPhone goes to be very just like your pal’s use of the iPhone. The special models and going to be pretty similar, simplest with minor improvements and tweaks among them. Androids, however, with their top-notch range, will provide an extra capability to customize exactly what you need- whether or not it be apps, display, or the extent of manipulating for the software program.


The iPhones do now not provide expandable storage so that you are caught with but many GB you purchase the phone with. You can buy cloud garage month to month, but it may not work for apps. Many Androids provide expandable memory, all of Motorola, the various Samsung series, and a few LG. So if storage is a concern for you, ensure to test out your options before shopping.


Size and Design

For the more modern iPhones, they come in both four., 7 in for the 6, 6s, and seven, or 5.5 in for 6 plus, 6s plus, and seven-plus. And it is going to be equal for the iPhone 7s, 7s plus. The iPhone is a graceful, recognizable layout, but one that once more would not include that many picks. If it is the length you are seeking out, Android offers extra choice. The Note collection is Samsung’s imparting for massive phones; Motorola gives some five.7-inch telephones, even as the Sony Xperia XA Ultra is a 6. Zero inch phablet, amongst many other services. And like I stated above, Android has more design alternatives and customization to be had.

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