Arts Education and Interculturalism

Arts education can assist foster attitudes favouring intercultural openness. Arts education also can assist to cope with issues inclusive of ethnocentrism, relativity of tastes, bias, stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and racism. My latest exploration into the workings of arts schooling in selling peace spread out my know-how to the vista of opportunities around alternative education to interculturalism.

For the reason that education process that harnesses cultural diversity is a lifelong process, the improvement of intercultural abilties is not – and certainly cannot be – constrained to the study room but have to enlarge to the ‘university of lifestyles’. To this end, more use might be manufactured from cultural establishments – artwork galleries, museums, and records, underneath the steerage of the curators and oral historians, who can assist to re-contextualize the object exhibited.

Such establishments should, of path, guarantee an impartial, pluralistic and participatory method, supplying worried parties with data approximately cultural troubles. Museums in this vein had been emerging as locations for encountering cultural diversity through the social interplay of a couple of voices and viewpoints of represented communities. In going past a in basic terms folklore-primarily based technique, those new means of illustration have the potential to arouse the public’s interest within the significance of the items or form of cultural expressions set before them, giving equal fee to all of the cultural expressions presented.

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