Walker County blogger a desired felon? Sheriff disputes account of search

It turns out freedom of the press works each way.

On Tuesday, the Walker County Area News posted a detailed account of a sheriff’s deputy’s said illegal access at the home of an unknown individual. The News said the person entered without a warrant, “cased the region,” and “wreaked havoc” earlier than leaving. It wondered why Walker County Sheriff’s officials might now not explain the “compelled entry.” And then the sheriff’s branch decided to explain. In a press launch that started with an unmarried word:

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The news creator, it seems, was additionally the unnamed resident of the home in the query. The Walker County Area News is pretending this befell to a person and they may be spreading the phrase for facts to help the general public,” the sheriff’s office published on its Facebook web page Wednesday. “However, this passed off at the residence of the man that created and ran the Walker County Area News Facebook web page. That man is Terry Keith Hammond. And he is needed in 3 counties. He additionally manages the one hundred and one.1 radio station in Jasper even though the license isn’t always in his name due to the fact the FCC has formally revoked his FCC license.”

Sheriff’s Sgt. Ralph Williams stated Hammond, whose information blog has approximately 27,000 followers, is the desired felon with arrests spanning more than one state. He is presently wanted with the aid of the 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley County Sheriff’s Office, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, and the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. Under the pretense of a information report, Hammond on Tuesday posted snapshots of a pickup truck and stated an individual who becomes “overtly armed” and wearing a Walker County Sheriff’s Office blouse demanded entry into the home after which compelled his manner through a locked door. In contrast, the nineteen-year-antique who replied the door refused him entry.

The blogger wrote that he demanded solutions of the sheriff’s workplace; however, none were given. “So, as no answers are coming from Walker County SO more than 24 hours after questions have been, to begin with asking, we ask another time, for the identity of the individuals chargeable for these and why those acts had been committed inside the presence of an 18-12 months-antique female who’s now apprehensive close to out of wits and who had genuinely denied entry.”

Well, ask once more and also you shall get hold of.

On Wednesday, the sheriff’s workplace published their response to what they say actually went down at Hammond’s home. According to the discharge, Williams and Sgt. Ray Capps, each crook investigator, went to Hammond’s house at 214 Whitman Rd in Manchester to try and locate Hammond on a criminal warrant for 2d-diploma theft of belongings. That rate, Williams said, stems from the theft of a $1, one hundred fifty AM radio transmitter that Hammond agreed to fix for someone who lives in Maryland, after which he posted the module for sale on Facebook, claiming he seized it below mechanic’s lien legal guidelines.

Asked for touch upon the matter, Hammond on Thursday denied to AL.Com that he stole anything. He said the patron for whom he becomes doing the restore refused to pay for the parts and labor for three months. Still, he stated, he has not indexed that object on the market. “I am meeting with an attorney regarding this gross miscarriage of our criminal machine at this very moment,” he stated.

Williams said investigators regarded Hammond’s domestic and were no longer capable of getting every person to the door. Investigators looked interior an unlocked room in the garage because it turned into the best door that turned into unlocked.

There changed into no access made into the house, and no harm was done to any belongings. “After a while, Hammond’s daughter, who stated she became 23, came out of doors, and Investigators inquired about the whereabouts of Hammond. She said that Hammond became now not home on the time that he becomes out of metropolis running at every other radio station, and they did not bear in mind where it changed into placed and did not recognize when he changed into to go back.”

Investigators asked the daughter if they may come in and search for Hammond, and she declined to say that the house turned into a mess, Williams stated. Investigators left the house because they did not need to tip Hammond’s hand and monitor the criminal warrant. After all, Hammond is already a fugitive from different jurisdictions.Image result for Walker County blogger a wanted felon? Sheriff disputes account of search

“Hammond is using his Walker County Area News web page to unfold a fake narrative, so we are correcting that narrative and revealing the criminal warrant that turned into issued on April 30, 2018,” Williams said.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Hammond is asked to name Williams, Capps, or Sgt. Anthony Leach on the Walker County Sheriff’s Office.

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