Raspberry Pi sells over 10 million computers

Raspberry Pi sells over 10 million computers

Four years since it first went on sale to keen developers, the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi PC has sold an outstanding 10 million gadgets.

It stays the United Kingdom’s best-selling laptop ever—and a reminder that you do not ought to be a Silicon Valley heavyweight to create a hit slice of tech.

Raspberry-Pi-2-hand-v2.jpg (1500×1000)

Dreamed up by way of the Raspberry Pi Foundation charity as a manner to convey laptop science and coding returned into faculties, the Welsh-constructed Raspberry Pi has now not the handiest determined its manner into hundreds of schools throughout the globe but has additionally taken on a life of its own as a hobbyist device.

Its low rate—the recently launched Raspberry Pi 0 sells for just £4—coupled with acquainted ARM-based hardware and smooth get entry to the open supply software program, has brought about the Pi being used in the lot from smarthome controllers and media centres all the way via to sophisticated robotics and technology tasks. It has even made its way into area, courtesy of astronaut Tim Peake and the Astro Pi venture.

To celebrate its success, a new £120 professional starter kit has been released, which includes the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, an 8GB NOOBS SD card, reputable case, strength supply, HDMI cable, optical mouse and keyboard, and a duplicate of the Adventures in Raspberry Pi programming guide ebook. It launched inside the Uk on Thursday and could make its manner over to the rest of the arena within the coming weeks, we’re told.

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