New multi-year plan for higher education: Investment

New multi-year plan for higher education: Investment

Bennett, Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats, chairwoman of the Council’s Making plans and Budgeting Committee, and Finance Ministry price range director Amir Levi offered the plan.

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It places emphasis on growing new research infrastructure, the internationalization of the better training gadget, integrating minority companies which include Arab Israelis, haredim and Ethiopians into better schooling and reinventing the university as a hub of innovation.

“We will not surrender on the level, intensity and great of research, but We are able to also no longer give up at the researcher, on the integration of ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, Ethiopian immigrants and the outer edge,” Bennett stated.

“Whilst the next Nobel Prize winner may be from Sderot and the following Fields Medal will come from Elad, Whilst the Wolf Prize might be provided to a researcher from Rahat and the Tel Aviv [University] Faculty of drugs may be filled with students from the periphery, then We are able to realize that we reached our intention, because this vital institution has served its social purpose,” he said.

In step with figures presented at the clicking convention, the higher education price range in 2016 stood at NIS 10b. The new plan will see a yearly addition to that sum, with the allocation of NIS 449 million already in 2017, so that via the year 2022, the finances can be NIS 12b.

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