International rally for stricter laws against animal cruelty

International rally for stricter laws against animal cruelty

NEW DELHI: An international rally could be organised in 70 cities the world over, including 50 in India, on Sunday to express harmony in opposition to growing instances of animal cruelty inside the u . S . A . And to put strain on the authorities to enact strict legal guidelines on the issue.
“An international rally urging the Indian authorities to enact powerful legal guidelines towards animal cruelty will take region on September 18 in 70 towns around the arena, consisting of 50 in India, ten in the US and five in Australia.khabarovsk-russia-29th-oct-2016-people-rally-against-animal-abuse-H6J3ER.jpg (1300×956)
“Organiser of the rally, India Unites for Animals (IUFA), expects thousands of humans in India and abroad to march in harmony towards the growing cases of intense animal abuse in the u . S .,” a Humane Society international-India assertion stated.
The organization said the past year has seen a number of the most heinous acts of animal cruelty in India — from physical assault on a police horse, Shaktiman, to stabbing of dogs to death and placing dogs ablaze.

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