Injured While Shopping – What You Should Know

One of the last things you expect is shopping at the local mall and getting injured. While a slight mishap may seem insignificant at the time, the after-effects may leave you feeling a bit worse days later. No one is ever fully prepared in the event of an accident. Usually, accidents that take place at home warrant the medical box being hauled out of the cupboard. A fall at work may result in the dedicated first-aid member of staff being called in. However, an incident in a shopping center brings a new set of criteria. Here are a few things to remember if you slip and fall into your local shopping haven.

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What Can Cause an Accident While You Are Shopping?

Injuries inside shopping malls are common. It is easy to fall victim to an incident inside the center from broken, uneven tiles on the floor or wet floors. Poorly maintained elevators and escalators also invite accidents and should be avoided wherever possible. Owners of shopping establishments are fully responsible for each customer’s safety and well-being from the minute they enter the premises. However, at times, these same owners neglect their responsibilities. This is due to the high costs of maintenance and renovations of up-keeping premises. This negligence can result in claims being made against these corporate property owners.

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capture images of loose tiles or broken floorboards; you will need these later on if there are grounds for a case against the establishment.

email addresses. You may need to contact them at a later stage to get a witness statement.

Seek Medical Attention

Your health is a priority. Plan a visit to your doctor to give you a once-over examination as soon as possible. Let the health care specialist check to ensure you have no severe injuries. Keep records of all the documentation and medical expenses you incur. These can and will be used in the claim that you build.

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Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

You may choose to handle the situation independently, but it is advisable to contact a professional firm specializing in personal injury claims. Lawyers who are experienced with these cases will talk you through the process step-by-step. A professional team of legal experts will guide you regarding what evidence you require to proceed with a lawsuit. They will help you determine if you have a strong chance and strengthen it if you don’t have enough information to proceed.

The Bigger Picture

A small incident may seem insignificant, but you should consider numerous underlying factors in your suffering an injury. Loss of income, future damages, or losses caused by the incident later on, as well as post-traumatic stress, are all things that need to be considered when determining what compensation is fair.


Enlisting professional teams’ help and services relieves the pressure of dealing with the complexities of personal injury claims. Remember that you may have a case against the shopping complex and an additional lawsuit against the particular retail store where the incident occurred.

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