World’s Biggest Oil Traders Vie To Buy Petrobras Nigerian Assets

Vitol, Glencore, and Shell—the three biggest oil buyers inside the international—are inside the jogging to shop for the Nigerian oil assets of Brazil’s national oil firm Petrobras, Reuters pronounced on Thursday, quoting banking and industry sources in the understanding. As a part of its asset sale program aimed at elevating billions of U.S. Greenbacks and lowering its massive money owed, Petrobras launched in November last year a income system for its Nigerian assets, setting on the block its 50 percent interest in Petrobras Oil & Gas B.V. (POGBV)—a joint assignment in which BTG Pactual E&P BV holds 40 percentage, and Helios Investment Partners the closing 10 percentage. Petrobras’s joint assignment seems to exit holds stakes in deepwater blocks offshore Nigeria that comprise the Akpo and Egina fields operated using France’s Total and the Agbami area operated with the aid of the U.S. Supermajor Chevron.

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In March this year, Petrobras moved directly to the bending degree of the sales system. By early May, three consortia had bid for the property, including one of the international’s top oil buyers Vitol, Glencore, and Shell, consistent with Reuters’ assets. Vitol teamed up with Delonex, the oil upstream subsidiary of U.S. Private equity company Warburg Pincus and with Canada-listed Africa Energy Corp, a part of Lundin Group. Glencore is bidding for Petrobras’s Nigerian assetsandh nearby indexed corporation Seplat and France’s Maurel & Prom, backed by Indonesia’s national oil company Pertamina.

Shell is walking with Nigerian privately-owned enterprise Famfa Oil

Petrobras has been anticipated to determine with the aid of the stop of this month to which of the bidders it must promote its stake in the Nigerian joint challenge.However, according to Reuters’ assets, the selection can be pushed to a later date because the Brazilian employer should determine to break up the bids among the stakes in the two oil blocks.


Most specialists and eager analysts of the industry frequently lament and bemoan one nagging fundamental shortcoming of the current Internet-era class of brokers, dealers, and other intermediaries – particularly that, as a category, they have a tendency to be overly handicapped and plagued by a trendy loss of schooling, schooling, understanding and right records concerning the genuine nature and workings of international trade, and its basics and basic approaches.

Mr. R. Ambardar, a broker skilled for over 10 years in worldwide marketplace development and advisory offerings who has in my opinion closed several petroleum deals, calls “loss of revel in and expertise” one of the foremost number one motives why many brokers and facilitators fail in enterprise due to [the tales they hear about the] kind of cash you’ll earn on account of successful deals,” Ambardar asserts. “Many agents fail, [however], to understand that necessities to reach this commercial enterprise are very stressful, [and that] most effective the ones who’ve years of fingers-on enjoy and thorough information of the enterprise can attempt to do nicely as middle-men.”

Echoing what nearly every different reputable professional inside the field emphatically asserts, Ambardar provides, that “To grow to be a ‘Facilitator’ in the oil business,… You really want proper knowledge and understanding [since this is what will help] you hook up actual consumers and sellers. One should be in the industry for long to have received know-how related to the dynamics of this business.”

In the equal vein, Davide Papa, the co-author with Lona Elliot of “International Trade & the Successful Intermediary,” one of the maximum outstanding experts in the subject today at the basic technique and techniques of worldwide buying and selling with the aid of agents and intermediaries, asserts that,

“Without the needful know-how of the correct buying and selling strategies, you [the broker or agent/intermediary] are clearly wasting a while employing attempting to change. The tremendous majority of buyers you’ll meet on the Internet do not know the way to close a deal. Most do not even recognize a way to begin a deal efficiently, not to mention bringing one to a hit conclusion.”

Consequently, says Mr. Papa, “Anyone trying to do enterprise with these sorts of intermediaries [or with their procedures] will also be not able to close a deal or collect a cent in commission, regardless of how long they trade for or how difficult they are attempting.”

What Misguided Agents and Intermediaries erroneously think is “trading.”

Yet, as a factual depend, maximum (indeed, just about ALL) agents and intermediaries that one meets at the Internet who claim they’ve oil to sell, or who, for example, flood my Consultancy Office with “offers” and “offers” by way of the handfuls every hour of the day every day, haven’t were given even the foggiest clue of what’s certainly concerned in proper trading, or the way it works or is done. Almost to a man or woman, they basically think that every one there’s to grease “trading,” is largely the buildup of any number of some copied time-honored files – ‘SPAs,’ ‘LOI,’ ‘FCO,’ ‘ICPO,’ and what have you ever – with almost none ever tested, and passing them around on the Internet to capacity shoppers or their agents, asking them to “just sign,” “simply signal”! Indeed, what’s even worse, they rarely have the foggiest concept of even what their PROPER feature and responsibility is, or should be, as an intermediary in the current Internet technology of TOO many records and statistics, however. TOO LITTLE pleasant or actual statistics and records!


Quite oddly sufficient, one of the primary however maximum essential ways wherein this woeful pervasive lack of expertise and information of the basics and proper tactics manifests itself at the part of the intermediaries, is the extraordinary lack of understanding among them regarding even the basic reason and right function or responsibility which the modern-day intermediary is supposed to serve for the oil dealer and within the marketplace. Most Internet intermediaries are NOT even aware of what EXACTLY this is!


First, let us start with searching at the “conventional” function and characteristic of the intermediary inside the market. This descript of the duties and capabilities of a facilitator given via Sam Nelson, the writer of a mentioned primer on oil buying and selling it truly is typically used by many agents and agents, excellent represents, possibly, the concept of the traditional number one function of the intermediary in oil offers:

“Facilitating an enterprise [by a Facilitator] is an act of arranging business sports as contained in an agreement and bringing two parties into a settlement towards the clean implementation of a contract as defined by using the settlement approaches… The facilitator is the man or woman, or organization of people, arranging commercial enterprise activities as contained in a contract and bringing events into a mutual agreement toward the easy implementation of an agreement as described within the approaches of the contract… There are folks that paintings as facilitators in specific sorts of enterprise transactions, for instance, ‘Currency trading.’ ”

Nelson adds that, as a Facilitator on the vendor’s aspect, as an example, “the seller depends on you to find a reliable buyer. You, as the facilitator, become the hub for these deals. Honesty is required for your element. You can facilitate a deal as a client or vendor’s facilitator. However, I will propose you no longer be on each aspect at an equal time for the same deal. That may be an absolute greed.”

Robert McAngus, the Chairman and CEO of the McAngus Group, a Marbella, Spain-primarily based worldwide conglomerate actively engaged within the commercial enterprise of primary the commodities, such as oil products, through its community of workplaces and companions in Africa, Europe, the Far and Middle East, and the Americas, offers his own description of the same old traditional function of the intermediary, this manner: “a broker’s complete task is to help a petrol company’s trading branch find or promote oil and related products in order that he’s going to obtain a fee while the deal comes collectively.”

In other phrases, with the aid of traditional requirements, the number one role and function of the intermediary within the so-referred to as “secondary” marketplace petroleum buying and selling operations, is without a doubt the “sourcing” function – this is, the job of locating the providers of the product and matching them with proceeding shoppers, in return for which the sourcing broker or agent will get hold of commission payments for efficiently completed deals.


But here’s the relevant factor to be made right here, but. And this is this: That this antique, “traditional” position and feature of the dealer or the intermediary in crude oil and petroleum merchandise deals have changed on this modern-day generation of the Internet – and in a massive, massive, and drastic way! And everyone who operates in the oil alternate enterprise nowadays as a broker, agent or different middleman without knowing, or expertise or spotting this vital modern-era reality, or who keeps to operate as even though, as in the beyond, all this is required of him is to find a vendor and “fit” him with a consumer, or vice versa, absolutely misses the mark as to his proper place or function nowadays within the market, or his proper marketplace price or really worth.

In deed, in this author’s studied assessment, a great deal of the problems and negative aspects (the so-referred to as ‘darkish aspect’) of the worldwide commodities buying and selling commercial enterprise which have frequently been typically attributed to the function and involvement of the current intermediaries’ in the commercial enterprise – the incapacity of most to effectively near deals or to make a commission, the involvement of many in scams and faux gives, etc. – can be at once traced to this element by myself: namely, the failure at the part of the middleman, whether knowingly or in any other case, to adjust and alter his business processes and approach of operation to align with this new “paradigm” shift of the contemporary Internet technology marketplace location.


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