Woman Self-Defence – 3 Best Techniques You Must Know When Confronted By A Rapist or Mugger!

Woman Self-Defence – 3 Best Techniques You Must Know When Confronted By A Rapist or Mugger!

Do you really need to attend a formal martial class for your to learn practical woman self-defence techniques? No. Self-defence has more to do with common sense and how you should respond or react instinctively when being attacked. Most of the practical and effective self-defence techniques are barred from combat sports competitions or martial arts classes.40e91a7b2aa229e59993524c7e97a42d.jpg (1000×823)

This article is going to share with you three best woman self-defence techniques on what you should do when confronted by a mugger or a rapist Owner Business.

1. Bite the vulnerable body parts

Do not hesitate to bite the attackers’ vulnerable body parts. You could target his ears, finger, face, nose, lip, neck even the groin. Of course, the list is not exhaustive. This is aim at inflicting pain on the assailant and as a surprise counter attack.

2. Kick the vulnerable body parts

When you throw kicks aim at the groin. Of course that is the common known target. The shins and knee caps should also be the target. Stomping will also works as a surprise attack. Stomp on the attacker’s feet then followed by kicking him in the shins as hard as you could. Then follow-up with a punch to his groin. However, always remember to kick low, if not you may lose your balance and end up on the ground.


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3. Do not hesitate to tear out the attacker’s eye ball

You might think this is cruel. But think again, if someone is there to take your life or to rape you, don’t you think you should do anything just to make sure that you are safe and survive from the attack? Compared to kicking or hoping on punches to knock him out, this is the most effective way to disable and to defeat the assailant.

The above are three best woman self-defence techniques based on common sense and instinctive response. Use them if you are being attack!

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