What to Pack for Travelling

These are what I consider to be essential items for any traveler/backpacker. These are items that I have used in my past travels and have served me well.


The first most obvious thing for any traveler to decide is whether to use a backpack or a suitcase. I traveled with a backpack during my first solo travel experience to Southeast Asia, Korea, and Japan. For under 50, I bought a Eurohike 55-liter backpack with a rain cover, which came in handy during the monsoon season! The pack was top-opening and didn’t really offer much by way of security. Therefore, I bought a special backpack transit case that I put my backpack into and made it secure from theft and secure from airport conveyor belts.

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I had heard that the conveyors in airports sometimes broke clips from backpacks if they were not properly secured and that some airlines didn’t even want to have backpacks on their airplanes because they were a safety threat. I actually lost the backpack case during my travels and had to resort to wrapping my backpack in black bin bags and tape to prevent the clips from catching airport conveyors.

The backpack was comfortable, with some very nice cushioned padding. However, I realized as my trip went on that the pack was a little too large. I had read on many different websites that the smaller and lighter your pack, the more comfortable your trip will be. This is so true. It is not just about how light the pack is for you to carry, but also practical reasons like traveling on packed trains and subways with a giant wardrobe on your back. The backpack was incredibly annoying whilst traveling on busy subways, as I didn’t know if, and how badly, I was bumping into people – but I am sure that I definitely was! However, it was great to have my hands free when I needed to pay for tickets and carry bags and water bottles.

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I was traveling for 3 weeks and had planned to move around the country quite a bit. I decided to ditch the backpack and travel with a medium-sized suitcase on my second trip to Japan. I was worried about the condition of the suitcase’s wheels by the end of the trip, but altogether I preferred the comfort of a nice suitcase. The suitcase takes up the use of your arms, but it does relieve your back. I found time and again that my backpack was becoming too heavy for longer walks; a suitcase, meanwhile, makes walking a pleasure.

Trying to find your hotel in Bangkok’s humid and busy conditions with your gigantic backpack is not a pleasant experience. Gith a backpack. This may be important to you as it is best to travel around a Japanese city (and many other Asian cities) via the subway system. Sometimes they have enormous staircases leading t Though, going upstairs is a pain with a suitcase. Still, with a backpack, it is a breeze. O the platforms.

The final clincher is that a suitcase makes you look more businesslike and professional; a backpack makes you easily identifiable as a traveler or tourist and makes you stand out far more. If I entered a nice hotel with my backpack, I wouldn’t be given the same service as if I traveled in a suitcase. I believe that backpackers have a bit of a bad name in some countries, as backpackers tend to be younger people who are more prone to loutish behavior due to letting off some steam after finishing university.


You don’t want to take your suitcase or backpack with you on your daily walks or excursions, so you need a nice convenient daypack. I actually took a shoulder bag, as it looked more stylish than a small backpack. But be warned, a shoulder bag can give you some irritating neck and shoulder pains if you overpack it with large water bottles or souvenirs. In this instance, a nice mini backpack is better as it transfers the weight evenly on your back and shoulders.

Travel Insurance

I always take out travel insurance as you never know what could happen during your trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Medical help abroad could cost you thousands if you do not have the correct insurance, so always read the insurance policy properly. When I search for insurance, I always turn to comparison sites, such as moneysupermarket.com. This way, you can compare all the different companies offering insurance and their relative policies.


Skype is a free service that allows you to call anyone in the world (who also has a Skype account) for free. The service is completely free when using the Skype-to-Skype service, and the prices are competitive if you want to call mobile phones or landlines. You can use Skype on your iPod Touch, an actual Skype phone, or on your laptop. If you take a laptop abroad, you can even use your webcam to make video calls, but if you are not taking a laptop, many internet cafes in Asia had Skype already installed on their computers. Skype also allows you to send instant messages, play games, and even transfer files. All in all, Skype is a great device that you should be made use of whilst traveling.

First Aid Box

I like to take a mini first aid box when I travel. The boxes come in some very nice convenient sizes with everything you could need for your trip. Items can include plasters, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, and various tablets for common travel sicknesses.

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