Traditional Newspapers versus Internet News

Why should you read a newspaper printed on a hard copy while the internet is so convenient?

Most of the time, you do not have a computer around, and even if you do carry one, you may not have access to the internet. Furthermore, many people find a notebook computer cumbersome, although the size of which has become smaller nowadays. Therefore, reading a “REAL” paper is still the choice for them. In fact, you can carry a traditional printed newspaper and read it anywhere, such as on the bus, on the plane, and a cruise ship. You can virtually carry this piece of paper everywhere, and most importantly, the weight of the printed newspaper is much lighter than a notebook and, certainly, a desktop computer.

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Given this, Satellite Newspapers developed software and Multicast Satellite Network, which provides a super-fast distribution “highway” around the globe. It can multi receiving, broadcasting digital newspaper files worldwide, and printing newspapers with connected systems. Pontus International, the partner of the Satellite Newspapers, receives and distributes newspaper data daily and sells this data via multiple outputs devices, such as. We can provide you with 190 leading multi-national newspapers from over 60 countries in 32 languages in Hong Kong at the same time when they are printed overseas. In some instant, you can even read the news in Hong Kong before your home country’s people because of the time difference.

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If you wish to read a same-day edition of Le Monde, The Washington Post, and 190 other International newspapers, you can come to us. Better yet, we can deliver to us. Please visit our website [] for more details. Everyone in this world is talking about instant communication, and therefore, reading outdated news is not helpful to your decision-making in today’s fast-changing environment. Nevertheless, you can count on Pontus, which is devoted to helping you to solve this problem because our top priority is to provide you with the faster and most accurate information from your home country, no matter where it is located.

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