Things to Know when Renting a Carpet Steam Cleaner

Carpets are one of the most attractive and popular types of flooring. However, due to the heavy foot traffic, our carpets get dirty and require a specific maintenance routine to keep them looking their best. A dirty carpet not only looks ugly but, if left unclean for longer, it even adversely impacts the health of our family.

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As such, proper and timely cleaning and maintenance of our carpets are crucial. Vacuuming is a great option for regular cleaning of carpets, but that is not sufficient for deep cleaning purposes. The delicate fabrics of carpets require professional cleaning from time to time for proper cleaning without damaging them. This means you need to hire a qualified carpet cleaning service at least every 10-12 months. Another option for deep-cleaning your carpet is renting a steam carpet cleaner.

When you start noticing muddy paw prints, lingering smells, and stubborn stains, you may consider cleaning the carpet yourself. Renting a steam carpet cleaner is a feasible option for many homeowners to maintain their carpets. A steam carpet cleaner uses detergent and hot water to loosen dirt from the carpet and then extracts it. However, unlike other DIY projects, cleaning carpets on your own requires a little more attention because of their delicate fabric. Below, we have compiled important factors to keep in mind before proceeding with a carpet steam cleaner rental.

Consider the time needed to clean all rooms.

The carpet steamer rental company will charge you based on renting days. Usually, people rent a carpet steam cleaner for a day but later realize that they needed more time. Therefore, first, you need to determine how long it will take to clean the carpets of all rooms. If 24 hours are not sufficient, you may ask the rental company for a better daily rate for multi-day rental.

Use specified carpet cleaning detergent only.

One of the most important considerations is using the right cleaning solution. This is because not every product is safe for your carpets, and the cleaning machine is also not compatible with every detergent brand. You need to make sure to use the cleaning solution recommended by the rental company, and also, that solution should be safe for your carpet. There are different cleaning agents for upholstery and carpets. If you want to use any other product, make sure to confirm with the rental company if their cleaning machine is compatible with it.

Time is taken to dry the carpet.

When renting a carpet cleaner for the first time, it is important to consider drying time. The time taken for complete drying of a carpet can range from a couple of hours to 12 hours. This actually depends on the condition of your carpet. If your carpet has heavy stains which need more cleaning solution, the drying time will obviously increase. Sometimes, the stains are so stubborn that hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the only option.

Check the certification of carpet steam cleaner.

Not every carpet cleaning machine is safe for carpets. To ensure that the machine is safe and effective, it is tested and given certifications, like bronze, silver, or gold. When renting a steam carpet cleaning machine, you need to ensure that it has passed the CRI testing procedure to determine its power and effectiveness.

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