Things to Consider Before Starting Basement Renovation Project

Do you know that cold, concrete and underrated lowest floor of your home has loads of potential? Yes, we are talking about the basement of your house which is probably crammed with boxes of off-season duds right now. If you’ve failed to notice, the basement is one of the biggest rooms in your house, still, the least used. If finished just like the rooms aboveground, the basement can become the most popular area in the house.

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Nowadays, more and more homeowners are renovating their basement to have more room in the house or to create a more efficient and usable space. Finished basements are perfect if you’re looking to add a rental or in-law suite, spare bedroom, home office, recreational room, or laundry area.

The best part about renovating this underutilized space is the versatility of the area. You can give it any look in less time and it will turn into the best spot in your house. So, if you’re ready to start this project, here are a few tips keep in mind when renovating and finishing your basement.

1. Right placement of windows

Windows are one of the most important factors in designing the basement. It’s a common mistake to locate windows in storage and furnace areas. However, to make the best use of natural light, windows must be situated in the main living area. By maximizing the flow of natural light, the atmosphere of your basement will become more inviting and comfortable. In addition to this, large windows are also important from the safety point of view, if ever a fire or crisis hits.

2. Create a focal point

Basements are usually long and narrow spaces. To give character to such space, it’s important to first create a focal point such a fireplace. This central feature will help you in designing the area around it while keeping the space warm.

3. Consider different Flooring options

Though you may choose the same flooring as used for other floors, you can also pick other flooring options. Usually, the choice of basement flooring depends on the purpose of renovating the area. Whatever flooring you choose, always consult a renovation contractor or flooring installer about different subfloor materials for insulation and waterproofing. Installing a sub-floor before flooring of your choice will prevent your basement from being excessively humid. You may use engineered hardwood or vinyl on top of under-heated floor to keep the space warm and cozy.

4. Proper plumbing is a must

Plumbing is something that you need to consider even before you begin your basement renovation. By understanding your plumbing needs, you can determine whether you need to add/remove bathroom. This depends on the location of the main drainage pipe in your home’s plumbing system, whether it’s situated underground or at ground level. When the main drain is situated at ground level, it’s necessary to install a grinder pump system. While, in the case of an underground drain, the new bathroom should be constructed nearest to the plumbing system.

5. Think about Ceiling

Your basement ceiling has numerous wires, pipes, and ducts which gives an unpleasant look to your beautifully furnished basement. As such, you need to finish the ceiling using a metallic finish, perforated panels or textured gypsum panels. If the height of your ceiling is less than 8 feet, consider using plasterboard or gypsum sheets. For basement with a height more than 8 feet, the suspended ceiling can be used. However, whatever option you choose, always make sure to allow easy access to plumbing.


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