‘The Division’ 1.4 Update Is Going To Be Huge

In 2016, it was pretty common for video games to obtain big adjustments and updates months or maybe years after launch. But, The Department’s upcoming 1.4 update goes some distance past the phrase “replace”: it is almost a whole overhaul of the game’s center systems Web Posting Reviews. Ubisoft these days mentioned all the modifications gamers can expect in a lengthy weblog publish titled, “Enhancing Character Stability.” Stats, guns, armor, skills, and consumables are all seeing drastic reworks, with Ubisoft diving in-depth on every alternate over at the Division website. We may not be going that deep right here, but Ubisoft was type enough to provide a TL;DR precis for each section of modifications that will function highlights for what players can anticipate. As an instance, while it comes to stats, all International Tier 2 gear will soon have all 3 most important stats — Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics. Other bonuses, like headshot harm and crit hazard, could be scaled down as a result.

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“Even as one stat will always be plenty better than the opposite, and you may recalibrate as before, the inclusion of all three on every item creates a balanced baseline. This means that that your survivability will typically be higher and also you not in danger accidentally making the sport plenty extra tough than it needs to be,” Ubisoft writes.

These base stats will increase with every increase in tools score.

Gear is losing ability bonuses, although new mod slots on backpacks, kneepads, and holsters will make up for a number of the misplaced alternatives. The scavenging stat is also being eliminated from the game, with Ubisoft saying it usually meant to restore it but couldn’t find an appropriate solution.

Shifting directly to guns, Ubisoft says the team is trying to make The Department feel greater like a shooter, as it did when leveling from stage 1 to 30. Numerous weapon adjustments are inbound as properly, with Ubisoft additionally pronouncing that the firearms’ stat will become an “a lot extra sizable source of harm output.” Within the armor department, Ubisoft says investing in gear with Stamina will be the game’s new primary way of survivability rather than armor as it’s far now. Gears units are seeing important modifications, which you may study approximately in detail in Ubisoft‘s submit.


The last principal branch of trade entails the game’s various capabilities. Many abilties are being tweaked, but perhaps the largest changes are coming to the sport’s signature competencies. Ubisoft exhibits that seventy-three percentage of gamers use the Survivor Link signature ability, leaving Healing Link and Tactical Link capabilities Inside the dust. So that it will optimistically trade-in replace 1.4, as Ubisoft is dramatically changing what every skill does. Survivor Hyperlink is being added down a notch, as its harm mitigation is being lessened to 50 percentage (down from 80) for a length of 12 seconds (down from 15).

For Recuperation, its variety is being elevated and can be used to restore lifeless gamers out of doors of the Dark Zone. If you are playing solo and are off cooldown, the skill will robotically cause and save a participant from death. Tactical Link is now defined as being a long way extra “fun,” as activating the ability now sends gamers into a “shooting frenzy” for 12 seconds, throughout which their weapon RPM.

Reload velocity and weapon stability are all greatly multiplied. The detailed modifications appear to be a step In the proper direction regarding Improving The Department, and it’ll be interesting to look at how enthusiasts reply to the upcoming replacement. The adjustments are coming quickly to the sport’s public test server on Computer. However, there is no word but on while console players can expect it to reach.f

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