Speed Up Computer Tips

Speed Up Computer Tips

Surfing the internet is fun and their is so much knowledge out there. Their comes a time when surfing is not fun at all because your computer gets slow. A slow computer is not only an inconvenience but it is also frustrating. Here are some good speed up computer tips.

Their are things that you can do to make sure your computer is running fast. A slow computer is cluttered with files and junk. It gets slowed down because it is to much stuff for the computer to handle. Most of the junk is spyware. Spyware is gained as you surf the internet if you don’t have any protection.

You need a good spyware remover program to get rid of the spyware. A good one will update databases regularly. Spyware is like viruses which come out with new ones everyday. It is important that you remove spyware at least once a week to have your computer running at the fastest speed. It is an excellent idea to have a spyware program that is active and scans everything that you run into while surfing the internet.

Another thing you want to do is to keep your computer clean. By this I mean cleaning the registry regularly with a registry cleaner. This will clean up things that you don’t use that are just taking up memory. You don’t need to be a computer expert to do this either. Registry cleaner programs make it simple and easy.


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Disk defragment is an important tool that comes with windows computers. It is located in accessories. What this does is it moves files closer together so your free space is in one group and your files are in another. This speeds up your computer because it takes less time to find the files if they are all in one group.

By doing simple computer maintenance like these speed up computer tips will keep your computer running smooth. You will be able to surf the internet or whatever your doing without being stressed out.

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